Clothes are the window of the soul, image consultant Judy Pressman believes. Studying with her mentor, the California-based Robert Pante, Pressman has learned that "clothes are an extension of who you are." Pante, author of "Dressing to Win: Having More Power, Money and Romance in Your Life," has shown Pressman that she is "energetic, exciting, fully expressed, one who feels that contributing to others is the most important thing in her life." Her carefully selected wardrobe proclaims that to the world.

How did you change your clothes-buying patterns?

I opened my eyes to see the beauty of what clothes could express about someone. When I realized that, I stopped shopping on sale racks. I became more conscious of buying what I'll call "classic adventures," even though they cost a little more money. It's important that they should last longer and look more professional.

Describe your clothing style.

I'm a combination, a "glamour-spice." I approach life with joy and excitement. My clothing must come off as more chic because of where I stand professionally.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Mainly suits. Three pieces are very important. I need to wear pants for casual wear. I can mix and match when I travel for speaking engagements. I always buy microfibers or clothing that does not wrinkle.

Describe an intriguing find.

I have a jacket from Eric at Trillium. It's very different looking. It's long and tapered into the body. I can wear it with winter-white pants and a scarf. It's a very tailored look.

How do you deal with trends?

You should interpret fashion to fold it into your personal style. I bought a very sheer blouse with an interesting collar and a sheer scarf to match. It gives a feeling of 1997, but without having a see-through dress. The color chartreuse is big, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a whole ensemble. You use it as what we call a filler piece, just add the accent of 1997. My one chartreuse filler piece is a shell, a little sleeveless shell, to be worn under black, navy and winter white suits. No matching shoes. No matchy-poo. Never matchy-poo. We blend.

Where do you shop?

Trillium Ltd., Red Garter, Body & Sole, Panache, Matava at Greenspring Station. Cole Porter has fun clothes.

Why do you stay so close to home?

Know the neighborhood, know the clothes. I like to shop at boutiques. I can find something unique. Each one of those stores has a different personality.

What's your take on jewelry?

I believe that costume jewelry has a place if it's not cheesy. A woman's signature is her jewelry. A man's tie is his signature. I can't afford to spend money on real jewelry, but I buy excellent copies. Trillium has beautiful fake jewelry.

Are you a shoe fiend?

I love my shoes. I shop at New York City Shoes and Joanna Gray Shoes of London. The look is a square toe with a clunky heel. Not too clunky, but more in the lines of "chic-sophisticated with flair."

Do you wear florals or other prints?

I don't usually like prints. They're not for everyone. I prefer solid suits, more European. Very solid, clean lines, ones that fit your silhouette. And then maybe an interesting scarf.

Do you wear dresses?

I don't have a dress in my wardrobe without a jacket that goes over it.

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Pub Date: 4/24/97

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