THE CALENDAR and other reliable sources are letting us know that summer is on the horizon, and the Columbia Association -- which has spent winter days planning the summer swim leagues -- has developed new districts for team placement.

Swimmers new to the league will be placed on the team in the district where they live by the Columbia Association's Neighborhood Swim League.

New swimmers who do not live in the 13 districts will be placed on the team that is geographically closest to their residence, provided that team is not oversubscribed.

If slots on the closest team are filled, swimmers will be placed on one of the smaller teams closest to their homes.

Swimmers may place their names on a waiting list of an oversubscribed team. If there is an opening, placement will be for the remainder of their time in the league.

In Clemens Crossing, Dorsey's Search, Harper's Choice, Huntington, Long Reach and River Hill, meets will start at 8 a.m.

Other meets will begin at 9 a.m. East Columbia pools' meet managers are Ed DeMayo and Penny Watkins, Huntington; Dick Weaver, Kings Contrivance West; Dana O'Sullivan and Nancy Smith, Long Reach; Ron Brown and Helen Birzak, Oakland Mills; Maureen Kelley and Liz McNeece, Owen Brown; Paula Reed, Zulma Whiteford and Gayle Etherridge, Phelps Luck; and Wendy Robbins.

Weaver and his family will be moving to London during the season, so he would welcome a volunteer to replace him. If you can help, call 410-312-6332.

Ed Cosentino is supervisor of the swim league.

He has been manager of the River Hill pool and head coach of the River Hill Raptors, as well as manager and coach at Clemens Crossing pool.

An important change will be the inaugural Columbia All-City Championship Meet, to be held at Phelps Luck pool Aug. 2. The new meet replaces the Summer Classic Meet.

Swim team applications are available at village community centers, indoor swimming pool and Columbia Membership desk at The Mall in Columbia.

Columbia Aquatics Association is holding a swim team camp, beginning June 23.

It is open to swimmers ages 8 to 12 who have had one winter team or two summer team experiences.

For camp times and costs: 410-730-7000.

Children & Company

Children & Company Co-Operative Nursery School is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month.

Parental involvement is the key to this east Columbia school. Children are encouraged to express themselves in play, speech, art, music, reading and -- most important -- in enjoying lots of laughter.

Parents don't just "drop off" their children. They stay and help with tasks, from cleaning, assisting the teacher or participating in fund raising to providing a hug for an unhappy 3-year-old.

Former students and their families were invited to the reunion, which was held yesterday.

One of the first cooperative schools in Columbia, Children & Company began as Faulkner Ridge Nursery.

It moved to the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, then to the Barn in Oakland Mills Village. Now it is at the Columbia School of Theatrical Arts, on Basket Ring Road in Oakland Mills.

Yesterday's was a double celebration: This is Lydia Wallace's 20th year teaching at Children & Company.

Wallace's daughter was enrolled in a "community of parents" school, and Wallace was so impressed that she decided she would like to teach at such a school. She applied and was accepted at Children & Company.

At least 500 children have passed through her classroom.

She meets many of them -- some now in their 20s -- at The Mall in Columbia -- Columbia's "Main Street."

Pub Date: 4/22/97

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