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WASHINGTON -- Frank Sinatra and Kitty Kelley...


WASHINGTON -- Frank Sinatra and Kitty Kelley are at it again, locked in a bitter squabble that has all the makings of a grudge match: pugnacious, press-hating crooner vs. celebrity-stalking biographer. He sued her even before she pulverized him in print.

This time, though, their battle is being played out in the halls of the Capitol, where "Old Blue Eyes" has no shortage of fans. His admirers are rushing to honor the ailing, 81-year-old singer with a Congressional Gold Medal before the final curtain falls on his half-century career.

"It's an act of love," declares Rep. Jose E. Serrano during a break from buttonholing colleagues on the House floor. The New York Democrat has already collected about 280 of the 290 FTC military" (June 9). You did not fail or choose to leave out all the facts that led to the discharge of Lt. Kelly Flinn.

Yet since the revelation of Gen. Joseph W. Ralston, both TV and the printed news have been leaving out all the facts that brought her demise.

Watching and reading these days, one would believe that all she did to get discharged was sleep with some civilian nobody.

Your editorial set the information right for all to see and read. Even on the next page columnists Jack Germond and Jules Witcover conveniently left out a few facts, but they need to please their extreme right followers more than to present accurate news.

Front-page news should be fair and accurate, and not slanted to the political bent of the writer, or it is not real news but tabloid garbage.

Ben L. Brooks III


Dire prediction in judge's decision

To the readers who don't understand the difference between trees, hedges and Mary Bowman's property:

Maybe Judge A. L. Brennan Sr. decided that he remembered the prediction, "Man will never rest until every animal is dead and the whole world is paved with cement."

Bernard Capulli


Pub Date: 6/15/97

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