Md. teacher of the year attends U.S. honors in D.C.


WASHINGTON -- Cincinnati English teacher Sharon Draper was honored yesterday as America's teacher of the year in a White House ceremony that included Cathy Greenwood Cerveny, Maryland's teacher of the year.

Draper is one of the nation's first certified "master teachers," an instructor who teaches other teachers. The 26-year veteran of Ohio public schools spoke with pride and optimism about her profession.

"It is the teacher who holds up the mirror to the past for us to learn," she said.

"It is a teacher who takes us through the paths of intricacy of modern life; and it's a teacher who will stand ready in the 21st century to take us to visions as yet undreamed," she said.

Draper was honored by the Council of Chief State School Officers and Scholastic Inc., an educational publisher, at the ceremony attended by President Clinton.

Cerveny, 47, a fifth-grade teacher at Ring Factory Elementary School in Bel Air, has been a teacher in Harford County for 14 years.

She said afterward that she found the event uplifting.

"It was such an honor to represent the 35,000 teachers in Maryland," she said.

Pub Date: 4/19/97

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