'McHale's' a shipwreck


Last week, there were new allegations that Tom Arnold made inappropriate remarks to female reporters. But if you really want an Arnold comment to make you feel uncomfortable, try the one he made to me:

"Tell me the truth. Did you like the movie?"

No, and here are the other answers you need to know:

Is Arnold amusing in it?

Occasionally (and co-star David Alan Grier also has his moments).

Will Tim Curry still have a career after everybody sees his wildly overdone villain?

I think not.

L Is it a good idea to keep remaking feeble sitcoms as movies?


'McHale's Navy'

Starring Tom Arnold

Directed by Bryan Spicer

Released by Universal

Rated PG (off-color language, offstage killing)

Sun score: *

Pub Date: 4/18/97

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