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Six agencies to receive Gore efficiency award


Six federal government agencies at the port of Baltimore will receive Vice President Al Gore's Hammer Award for reforms that have eased the movement of cargo here.

The Hammer Award was created by the vice president's office to recognize agencies that cut red tape and eliminate government waste. Its name is a takeoff on the $600 hammer of Pentagon fame symbolizing wasteful government spending.

Since the award was established in 1993, more than 600 agencies and organizations have been honored. The nomination was made by private and public organizations in the Baltimore maritime community.

The awards are to be presented Friday at the World Trade Center to the Coast Guard, the Customs Department, the RTC Department of Immigration and Naturalization, the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Among the cost-saving reforms was a single form that can be faxed to the agencies notifying them of a vessel's arrival. Previously, each of the six agencies had required a different form.

Pub Date: 4/16/97

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