Ex-officer accused of rape calls encounter 'courteous' Accuser's charges untrue, Feeney says


Former county police Sergeant Michael Dennis Feeney told a jury yesterday that his encounter with a Caroline County woman who claims he raped and sodomized her was "very professional and courteous."

He said most details of the story that the woman told the jury -- that she was threatened, forced to perform oral sex and slapped during the assault -- were untrue.

"We did not engage in oral sex, there was no slap in the face, there was no gun pulled, there were no threats," he told the Circuit Court jurors. "It was very professional and courteous. I was courteous to her, and she was courteous to me."

Feeney, 45, is charged with raping the woman in December 1995, when she was a clerk at the Rite Aid drugstore in Parole Plaza in Annapolis and he was moonlighting as a security guard there.

The trial was moved to Howard County because of publicity in Anne Arundel.

Feeney was convicted last year of attempting to sexually assault the manager of the same drugstore and sentenced to 18 months in prison. He is free on appeal.

The 17-year police veteran told jurors that he met the 40-year-old woman who brought the current charges against him when he entered the Rite Aid to buy painkillers for his back Dec. 9, 1995, the day of the alleged attack. He was on patrol as a security guard and in a county police uniform.

He and the woman, a cashier, talked for 90 minutes about their Native American heritage before the woman asked him to turn his back toward the counter and began to massage the left side of his lower back, Feeney said. She gave him her telephone number, then offered to continue the massage when she got off work, Feeney said. He gave her directions to the security office behind the shopping center and told her he would leave the door open, he said.

Shortly after 3 p.m., the woman arrived at the office with a cream ointment and began the massage on his naked back, Feeney said. He pulled off his pants, she massaged his legs, and he massaged her after she disrobed, he said. The woman also gave him an arrowhead ring and turquoise earrings for safekeeping before they had sex, he said, adding that his 9 mm service weapon was on a shelf in the bathroom the entire time. They finished at about 4: 45 p.m., and he drove her to her home, then in Annapolis, said Feeney.

In cross-examination, Assistant State's Attorney Kathleen Rogers pointed out that Feeney has been trained to be a "convincing witness," that he was often summoned as an "expert witness" in drug cases during his career and that while he worked undercover as a narcotics detective, his life "depended on how well [he] could deceive people."

The case is likely to go to the jury in Howard County Courthouse in Ellicott City today after attorneys make closing arguments.

Pub Date: 4/10/97

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