Hopkins Medical Institutions designates four senior officials


The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has filled out its leadership team, formally designating four more senior officials to aid the campus' medical czar, Dr. Edward Miller, in running the university's medical school and research hospital.

Miller was placed in charge of the East Baltimore medical complex a year ago and has operated with an ad-hoc group of advisers who are aiding his drive to continue the center's push into the new world of managed care.

"Now it's time to get some permanency for these things," said Miller, whose formal title is chief executive officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine and dean of the Hopkins School of Medicine. In particular, he said, "It was important for the clinical faculty of the School of Medicine to have a voice in what we're doing and how we're moving forward."

The new senior officials include:

Dr. Elias Zerhouni, chief of radiology, will become executive vice dean, vice dean for clinical affairs and president of the Clinical Practice Association. He will remain radiology chief -- a position in which he succeeded Hopkins University President William R. Brody -- and serve half-time as vice dean.

Steve Thompson, administrator of anesthesiology (Miller's former department), will become vice dean for administration, a job on which he will spend 70 percent of his time.

Carey Kriz, special assistant to Miller, will work on completing business ventures, a role he played for the American Radiology Services -- a network of Maryland radiologists.

Christine White, who has been executive assistant to two medical deans and a dean of public health, will become assistant dean for medicine.

Pub Date: 4/08/97

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