High price of advice: Being a management...


High price of advice: Being a management consultant can be quite lucrative, finds Kennedy Information, which collects data on the consulting business. Partners in management consulting firms charged more than $270 an hour during 1996, and an average partner sent out bills for $310,000. Some of the biggest paychecks were drawn by people who consult for utilities. Tim Bourgeois, Kennedy's director of research, said the utility industry is looking for a lot of help because of deregulation.

Your own thing: Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an employment consultant, predicts more Americans will be self-employed in the early 21st century. Many senior citizens, in better health than their parents were, will take early retirement and then work on their own. At the other end of the age spectrum, Challenger Gray says today's teen-agers, growing up in an era where there is great distrust of employers, would rather be their own bosses.

Your computer: Web not to blame. Michael Himowitz. 2D

Pub Date: 4/06/97

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