Silver is a good choice if pearls won't do


I am the mother of three daughters. When the first two graduated from high school, my mother-in-law gave each of them a strand of beautiful pearls. My youngest, who has very strong ideas about what she wears, graduates this year. Her grandmother plans to give her a necklace, but she insists pearls are not for her.

She says pearls do not go with modern clothes and why should she accept pearls if she won't wear them?

She would like a silver necklace. Do you think silver is appropriate?

Certainly. Silver has an ageless quality. If she chooses a well-crafted piece it will give her pleasure all her life. And since so many designers used silver on the runway with this season's outfits, she will have plenty to choose from.

She could also try one of the traditional silver houses like the Danish firm Georg Jensen. It has specialized in silver for 90 years and does jewelry in many styles, including some that reflect the design periods of the century.

At the Manhattan Georg Jensen boutique, Josephine Dillon recalls that the original Jensen, who started the firm in 1905, once remarked:

"Silver has a wonderful moonlight luster, reminiscent of the beauty of a Danish summer's night."

Dillon suggests a classic modern piece with a Scandinavian design, or, for something more definitive, perhaps a style with an Art Nouveau motif.

The best length for a necklace is short -- just long enough to fall into a soft V at the base of one's throat.

Pub Date: 4/03/97

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