Legislation to give abused women more divorce...


Legislation to give abused women more divorce grounds loses

A bill that would have allowed women who are physically abused by their husbands to obtain divorces more readily was defeated in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee yesterday.

The measure, sponsored by House Speaker Casper R. Taylor Jr., an Allegany Democrat, and others, would have added two more grounds for a court to grant a final divorce -- "cruelty of treatment" and "excessively vicious conduct."

Advocates for victims of domestic abuse had pushed for the legislation, which had cleared the House of Delegates.

Panel kills measure helping adoptees find birth parents

A bill to make it easier for adopted children to locate birth parents was killed yesterday by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, ending discussion of the issue for the year.

Under the original legislation, proposed by Del. Frank S. Turner, a Howard Democrat, birth records of adoptees 25 years old or older would have been opened unless either of their birth parents filed a form blocking that access.

The House of Delegates, however, rewrote the bill to make it harder than the original bill for adoptees to identify their birth parents.

Legislators listen

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