25 years agoThe Carroll County commissioners have...


25 years ago

The Carroll County commissioners have asked a one-year acceleration in right-of-way purchases for the proposed Route 30 bypass around Manchester and Hampstead. In a request to the State Highway Administration, the commissioners asked that $198,000 be shifted from the 1973-77 projections for work on Route 32 and be designed for the Route 30 bypass. -- The Carroll Record, March 23, 1972.

50 years ago

Dr. Luther W. Goodhart, associate professor of music education, New York University, will visit Carroll County on April 25 to act as adjudicator for the 20th annual public school Eisteddfod (music festival). Rehearsals are under way in all schools in the county in preparation for this annual event, which will take place in Alumni Hall, Western Maryland College, on April 25. Approximately 600 school children will take part in the Eisteddfod this year. -- Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1947.

75 years ago

Westminster basketball followers got more than an ordinary treat for their journey to the State Armory Tuesday night. This was the game between the married men and the single men, and the former triumphed over the exponents of single blessedness, 16-4. In fact, they demonstrated that the "Hen-Pecks" could really play basketball. -- Democratic Advocate, March 24, 1922.

100 years ago

If there are not several funerals of young men and boys in this town before the close of the year, it will not be for the want of almost incessant cigarette and pipe smoking. School boys smoke going to and from school and at recess. If the office or apprentice boy goes on an errand, he puffs away at a pipe or cigarette from the time he leaves his employer's presence, as a rule, until he returns. Only recently a young man fell prone upon his back, on one of our principal streets, and received a severe scalp wound, from the effect of excessive indulgence in cigarettes. If you must smoke, use the pipe or cigar. -- Democratic Advocate, March 6, 1897.

Pub Date: 3/23/97

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