Chain gangs work as deterrent


WHILE THE editorial of Feb. 18, "Chain gangs and prison farms," claims that road gangs working chained together are "abhorrent to most Marylanders," a more recent survey might prove otherwise.

Marylanders have come out against crime in recent months and have grown tired of living in fear of the brazen young male predators who seem to be overtaking society as a whole, having no respect for their own lives much less anyone else's.

Growing fruits and vegetables for prisons would save taxpayers the cost of feeding inmates, albeit not entirely, unless we could legislate vegetarian diets. However, these prisoners are supposedly paying a debt to society, which is not served by having them farming produce for their own consumption.

While the editorial states that it would not serve as a deterrent to crime, the sight of a road gang working hard in sight of the general public might be exactly what would change a young man's mind and keep the youths pouring into Ocean City aware that crime is not taken lightly on the Eastern Shore.


Pub Date: 2/24/97

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