A sure sign that spring is around...


A sure sign that spring is around the corner is the increasing chatter of birds outside the bedroom window in the mornings. It takes an experienced ear to discern just who is making all that racket. Is it a sparrow, a blue jay or the season's first robin?

Increasing numbers of Baltimoreans are taking the time to learn the differences, reports Mike Klingaman in this issue of Distinction. According to a recent government survey, bird-watching soared 150 percent in a decade, to become the nation's fastest-growing recreational activity.

Bird feeders, bird tapes, binoculars and all related birding equipment are flying out of the stores. Bird-watching is the perfect hobby for aging baby boomers who can't manage quite as many sets of tennis as they used to.

Flowers, another much-anticipated gift of warmer weather, is the theme for our spring fashion forecast. According to Sun Fashion Editor Vida Roberts, "Looking pretty is back. It's not so much about being chic, or avant-garde this season, but softer, romantic and feminine. The look is flow rather than fit." You'll see flowers popping up on fabrics, on lapels, on pocketbooks and even on footwear as spring gets closer.

And during those last few weeks of winter that we must spend inside, ponder the possibility of your very own listening room, a room where everything is built around that one sweet spot in the center, where the sound achieves perfection. In his story "A Sound System," Pop Music Critic J. D. Considine lays out just what it takes to attain the ultimate listening room.

Pub Date: 2/20/97

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