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Sheppard Pratt offers phoned help to doctors


The Sheppard Pratt Health System announced yesterday that it has launched a free phone consultation service for physicians, called Consult-Line.

Physicians with questions about patients with behavioral or substance-abuse problems can get a return call from the Sheppard Pratt staff psychiatrist.

Mark R. Eber, a Sheppard Pratt spokesman, said the calls would be fielded by the same counselors who answer calls from the public for Sheppard's therapy-referral service. The counselor would then locate a staff psychiatrist to consult with the doctor.

In emergency cases, he said, a psychiatrist could be paged and call the doctor back in a few minutes.

Sheppard Pratt had decided to offer the Consult-Line, Eber said, "as a service to the community. And in the long run, if we have better relations with physicians, it may mean more referrals down the line."

He said a direct-mail marketing letter had recently advised physicians that the service was available.

Based at the psychiatric hospital in Towson, Sheppard Pratt also offers a variety of community clinics and outpatient programs.

Pub Date: 2/20/97

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