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Montreal buses to get NCT audio device


Noise Cancellation Technologies Inc. announced yesterday that its noise-reduction technology will be used with a new security system on Montreal city buses.

The company, which has executive offices and product development facilities in Linthicum, said contractors hired by Montreal's transit authority to install the security system have ordered NCT's ClearSpeech-Mic technology. It will reduce background noise transmitted by an audio monitor activated during emergencies.

Joanna Lipper, a spokeswoman for NCT, said the company was barred by its agreement with the contractors from disclosing how many devices had been ordered and the value of the contract.

NCT's ClearSpeech-Mic is a digital microphone designed to remove background noise, such as engine noise, from speech transmissions.

Transit officials hope the new security system reduces crime on buses, the company said.

Bus drivers and remote dispatchers can activate the emergency system. It transmits the exact location of the bus and an audio feed from the vehicle so authorities can monitor the emergency.

Pub Date: 2/19/97

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