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Rooting for Woods to fail?I read John...


Rooting for Woods to fail?

I read John Eisenberg's column on Feb. 4 several times. What should have provided a pleasant reaction actually provoked anger and disgust.

The headline declared "Woods' charge is glorious, but all good ++ things must end." It is questionable that such a comment should be made at the beginning of Tiger Woods' career as a professional golfer. Eisenberg's intent is dubious. To discuss frustration, disappointment and humility prematurely seems mean-spirited and petty. The article suggests that there are those in the game who are rooting for Woods to experience early failure. Could Eisenberg be one of them?

Much of the story describes Woods' unparalleled early success in glowing rhetoric. Was it really necessary to ruin the column with blatant negativism?

Shirley B. Wood


O's need Anderson, too

Hello! Hello! Is there anybody in there? I realized John Lowenstein, Mel Proctor and Jon Miller had to go, but are the Orioles really considering allowing Brady Anderson to fly the coop?

According to The Sun, if Cal Ripken and Mike Mussina are signed to long-term deals, Anderson will be the odd man out. What more does he have to do? He was the first player to amass 20 homers, 75 RBIs and 50 steals in a single season. He also cranked out more homers last season than the $55 million man, Albert Belle.

He is the most feared leadoff man since Rickey Henderson and plays Gold Glove defense to boot. I don't care if you already have $75 million in guarantees, you must keep the three amigos.

Gregory Lowe Salisbury Washingtonians, keep out

This letter is in response to Mark F. O'Donnell's letter last Sunday entitled "Put Baltimore back in O's." I agree 100 percent.

Since when did the Orioles represent the entire Mid-Atlantic region? They never have! Mr. O'Donnell has a point. Washington fans had a baseball team, twice, and both times they didn't support them. So, now they think they can come to Baltimore and watch our team play? No. They should be banned from Oriole Park, and we should put "Baltimore" back on the road uniforms and team logo.

John S. Brown


Enough already with baseball

Ken Rosenthal has to have his priorities all mixed up when he alleges in his column Feb. 5 that the Orioles cannot afford to lose Cal Ripken. The Orioles would get along fine without Cal Ripken. Baltimore would get along fine without the Orioles. And this country would get a long fine without Major League Baseball.

Stan Antoszewski Jr.


Rodman got off easy

Dennis Rodman's recent kicking of a TV cameraman and his head-butting of a referee last season were both uncalled for and rotten. In the 1950s, doing something like that probably would have gotten someone banned forever.

There need to be more Cal Ripkens, Michael Jordans and Steve Youngs. Basketball is a great sport. Don't let people like him Rodman ruin it.

John Bigley


Saving grace for Alomar?

Ken Rosenthal's article Feb. 8, "Alomar pay issue reopens an old wound" should have appeared the same day as Sandra McKee's article Feb. 7 about Geraldine Day's "Fame and misfortune." Or maybe The Sun didn't want to handle the controversy on the same day. Roberto Alomar should donate those paid five days of his "alleged suspension" to Mrs. Day.

He apologized and made a gesture of donating to the foundation for the cure of the disease that killed John Hirschbeck's son. I'm sure he feels closure with that, but in this instance that's not good enough.

Professional athletes should look for opportunities to help above and beyond their psychological peace offerings and do things classy and bold. Show Mrs. Day the money, Roberto. Make us proud in Baltimore.

Brett Principe

Owings Mills

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Pub Date: 2/16/97

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