THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Spring break


What the Orioles did yesterday: Pitchers and catchers participated in the first workout of spring training. Pitchers practiced new pickoff plays -- drills that new pitching coach Ray Miller intends to use sporadically throughout the regular season -- and then threw on the side. Scott Erickson, who always comes into camp in superb condition, threw particularly well, as did minor-leaguer Sidney Ponson, who is expected to begin the year at Double-A Bowie.

What they're doing today: More of the same. Pitchers are practicing bunting, too, and Jimmy Key appears to possess the best hitting skills on the team.

You know it's spring training when: Some young, unknown player impresses with an exceptional skill. Gilberto Bello, an 18-year-old catcher from the Dominican Republic, has an extraordinary throwing arm, according to fellow Dominicans Manny Alexander and Willis Otanez. "You're looking at the Orioles' catcher of the future," said Alexander.

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