Cupid's arrow finds Oracle, Adams Express and Beth Steel

FINANCIAL potpourri:

Baltimore-based Adams Express ranks in the "top quartile" for 3-year performance in a story and chart, "Your Closed-End Fund Guide," in this week's (Feb. 17) Business Week.


"Investors Love Oracle; Nothing Stands in Its Way but Microsoft," says Kiplinger's Magazine, March. The story adds that Oracle has had a "67 percent annual total return over the last five years and has projected a 31 percent earnings growth rate into the next century."

Local "underdog" story: Financial World, Feb. 18, says billionaire Laurence Tisch "sees beauty in Bethlehem Steel," adding, "His fortune is from buying down-and-out assets when nobody wants them. Bethlehem, now at $8, trades near its 10-year low."


"Sell everything -- all stocks, bonds, mutual funds. We're moving all accounts into money funds. Record highs notwithstanding, the market has deteriorated severely, as a result of Treasury bond sales by foreign banks." (Clyde Kendzierski's 70 Percent Solution.)

"Investors should stay in the stock market all year. Any pullbacks will be temporary and provide buying opportunities. The Dow will hit 8,150 in 1997." (Joseph Granville, perennial "bear.")

Want to start an investment club? To get free information, write a letter to NAIC, 711 W. 13-Mile Road, Madison Heights, Mich. 48071. The latest Kiplinger Letter says clubs are booming, helped by the market's surge.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Philip Morris, Rubbermaid and Wells Fargo are listed under "Companies That Love to Buy Back Their Own Shares" in David Fried's latest Buyback Letter.

"Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position." (Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593.)

"If you fall in love with a stock, it could break your heart." (1997 "Stock Trader's Almanac.")

"Don't buy tips. If you pick a stock just because some expert loves it, you need paid professional help." (Peter Lynch.)

"The love of money is the root of all evil." (New Testament.)


"Don't love stocks; love companies." (Gerald Loeb.)

Pub Date: 2/14/97