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Musings on ice scrapers, 'help' from computers, paper target


IT MAKES SENSE, I think, to write like a curmudgeon only when I'm not feeling like one, hoping that various inquiries will come off as wry shared humor, rather than whining. Since, on balance, my life is just jim-dandy at the moment, I'll indulge in a few said inquiries, and perhaps even get some answers.

1. Why, if we can send men to the moon and women to long-term duty on a Russian space station, can't we make an ice scraper that makes contact with the windshield all across the blade, instead of only at the corners?

2. Who were the members of the midnight cabal who wrote the "help" program in my computer software, and who decided that 96.645 percent of the responses would tell me what I could do but not how to do it? (In fairness, I do acknowledge that the authors of Windows95 "help" actually tried to.)

3. Why does my Sun delivery person insist on centering the paper under one car, instead of between two?

19th Burns Night Dinner

I get a real kick out of unusual events that take hold and prosper. One such is the 19th annual Burns Night Dinner, 200 years, seven months and one day after the death of Robert Burns.

The annual dinner of the Robert Burns Society of Annapolis is a sprightly celebration of the life of the Scottish poet.

This year, the event is scheduled Feb. 22 at the Holiday Inn of Annapolis on Riva Road. The evening begins with a cash bar at 6 p.m., followed by the traditional Piping of the Haggis, with Al Schudel's toast to the haggis and the Rev. Ernst Smart's honorific to the immortal memory. Dinner begins at 7: 30 p.m. Music for listening and dancing will be provided by the Highlandaires.

Tickets, at $32.50, can be purchased by mail from Lou McCaslin, 466 Century Vista Drive, Arnold 21012. Make checks payable to RBSA.

Information: McCaslin, 544-0290; or Pat Moffitt, 544-2949.

Moffitt is president of the society and wrote a delightful poem on Burns called "A Canty Boy" on the bicentennial of his death June 21. She told me she'd be happy to mail the poem to people who called to request it.

Sock hop fund-raiser

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts is looking for returnable donations of memorabilia from the 1960s and 1970s to decorate the gym for a sock hop fund-raiser March 5.

Sock hop co-chairs Bruce Bereano and Veronica Meneely are looking for creative volunteers for decorating and great stuff for them to work with. They'd like vintage cars to park outside on dance night and period props for the gym.

One suggestion I've had a lot of fun with is photo blowups. You can get a poster print of a photofor less than $20, lend it to Maryland Hall for the dance and then frame it for an unexpected place in your home or office.

If your photos are from high school in Annapolis or South County in the 1950s and 1960s, so much the better. Do your photos, contact people you haven't talked to for years and have a reunion at the Maryland Hall sock hop from 8 p.m. to midnight March 5. Music is by the Fabulous Hubcaps. The memories are yours.

Tickets are $50. Information, to volunteer or to donate memorabilia: MHCA, 263-5544.

Archaeologists to lecture

Archaeologists Al Luckenbach and James G. Gibb, director and assistant director of the Lost Town Project, will be the featured speakers at the third of five lectures at London Town, House and Gardens at 3 p.m. Sunday.

The Lost Town Project is an effort to understand the lost town of London on the South River.

Luckenbach and Gibb will explain how archaeologists know where to dig, what happens to the things they find and how a digger knows whether an unearthed object is something of note.

Admission is $7, and dessert and refreshments will be served. London Town Foundation members receive a discount.

Information: 222-1919.

E-mail address

And, finally, I have electronic mail. If you don't want to call me with your event information at 626-0273, e-mail me at Lynbackol.com and please include a telephone number so I can reach you if I have questions.

Pub Date: 2/10/97

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