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Ministerium brings SHARE and its food-buying cooperative


THE PIPE CREEK Ministerium, a consortium of churches in Northwest Carroll, is bringing the Self-Help and Resource Exchange (SHARE) to the area.

SHARE, begun 13 years ago by a nonprofit group committed to ending hunger in the Americas, encourages people to share skills and time with one another for two hours a month. Associated Catholic Charities is a sponsor.

As a reward for their volunteer work, participants join a food-buying cooperative that allows them to buy $30 to $50 worth of food for $14 each month.

"The quality of the food is great," said Kitty Devilbiss, a Uniontown resident who is a participant.

Each food package contains meats, fruits and vegetables and staples such as rice and beans. The food is purchased from the same wholesale food warehouses that supply grocery chains and local supermarkets.

"A misconception people have is that the program is for those who are financially strapped, or that they may be taking food away from someone who really needs it," Devilbiss said. "But it's for everyone. The more people who participate, the more our buying power is increased, and so is the quantity of food in the packages."

SHARE works like this: Volunteers sign up to participate by paying for their food package in cash or food stamps; the receipt contains space to describe volunteer work.

At the food distribution, volunteers exchange the receipt for groceries.

No proof is required regarding volunteer service.

"We take folks at their word," Devilbiss said.

Volunteer service can be as formal as working at a homeless shelter, picking up food at a warehouse or helping with Boy Scouts or Little League.

It can be as informal as taking an elderly neighbor on errands.

The next food distribution and registration is from 10: 30 a.m. to 12: 30 p.m. Feb. 22 at St. Luke's Church in New Windsor.

SHARE representatives from Pipe Creek Ministerium are Cheryl Keeney, Kitty Devilbiss and Angela Bulpit.

Information: 775-7780.

Judy Reilly's Northwest Carroll neighborhood column appears each Thursday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

Pub Date: 2/06/97

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