For Maura Eichner and her sisters


(In celebration of the 150th anniversary in America of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Gibbons Tower is at the College of Notre Dame.)

From Gibbons' tower

you can see Jerusalem

with its 12 pearly gates,

three on a side,

and its 12 roads,

the narrow ways of the Lord,

where His 12 chosen shepherds

lead His sheep and lambs

to the one fold within.

From Gibbons' tower

you can see the lambs

marching in straight rows

side by side

along the gates,

guided and guarded by sisters,

Big Sisters,

but really children themselves

(for only children can enter).

Maura, you and I,

fellow travelers,

have but a short road ahead.

Let's become children again

(for only children can enter).

You be Mamie O'Rourke,

dancing your light fantastic,

pockets crammed with jacks,

ball and jumprope.

I'll be Jack the Nimble (Ha!),

twirling to your tune,

pockets crammed with aggies,

a rabbit's foot and jawbreakers.

Would you like one?

Can I carry your books?

Uh, oh! Sister's watching.

Better be quiet

and stay in line.

Talk to you later inside.

Pub Date: 2/05/97

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