Where was Australian Open?Who knows what happened...


Where was Australian Open?

Who knows what happened in the 1997 Australian Open? Despite the time difference down under, many Maryland tennis fans enjoyed the Australian Open, but once again the local media coverage of a major tennis event was woefully inadequate. The Sun's coverage was limited to a few short articles, with most relegated to back pages in the Sports section. Even the Washington Post provided greater coverage than The Sun. Just compare the linage and story location. Likewise, the four local TV news stations, as usual, provided little if any coverage of the event, and if not for the ESPN channels, there would be no coverage.

Apparently, the local media, via editors and program managers, have somehow mistakenly determined that other sports are more marketable than tennis when in fact huge sums are spent on equipment, lessons, court time, memberships and tennis periodicals. Statistics show that those enjoying tennis are among the more affluent and educated consumers in the marketplace.

Tennis fans are tired of this inequity, and we demand greater local coverage. I urge this paper to provide more in-depth coverage on tennis, whether professional or amateur, and other media as well, since the great demand for this information is not being met.

Larry S. Love


Parcells is no GM

I am a long-suffering, lifetime fan of the New England Patriots. Ken Rosenthal made the comment that losing Bill Parcells would be their biggest loss of the season. I agree that losing Parcells will be difficult to recover from, but agreeing to make him general manager would be even more devastating.

Consider Parcells' personnel moves of the past: A) He wanted to draft Rick Mirer over Drew Bledsoe (big mistake); B) He wanted a defensive player instead of Terry Glenn (he had a pretty good season); C) Myron Guyton, Rod Smith and Marion Butts (overpaid and over-the-hill).

Mark Kowalski

Mount Washington

No to interleague play

The thrill of the World Series is when, for the first time in the season, a team representing "your" league meets a team from the "other" league. Interleague play makes the World Series irrelevant.

Harry E. Bennett Jr.


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Pub Date: 2/02/97

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