Noah Robinson Sr., 88, father of the...


Noah Robinson Sr., 88, father of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, died Monday of a heart attack in Greenville, S.C.

Mr. Jackson, founder of the National Rainbow Coalition and presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988, said he will conduct the eulogy for his father Sunday. "It was always an honor to be Noah Robinson's son," he said. "I will miss him."

Mr. Jackson didn't learn until he was 5 or 6 years old that the father he was living with was not his natural father. In a 1988 interview, he said the discovery was "interesting, but it was not traumatic because I was never fatherless or an orphan."

Some of his relatives weren't so sure, recalling childhood taunts aimed at Mr. Jackson about not having a father.

"Being born out of wedlock bothered him disproportionately to the way it did anyone else we grew up with," said his half-brother, Noah Robinson Jr.

A. Richardson Goodlatte,57, who was responsible for cleaning up New York's graffiti-filled subway cars and fixing run-down trains, died Saturday of bone cancer at his Long Island home. He rose to vice president of the New York City Transit Authority and retired last year as chief electrical officer.

Cardinal Mikel Koliqi,95, a Roman Catholic prelate who spent decades in prison while religion was outlawed in Albania, died Tuesday in Tirana, Albania. He was the first Albanian in the College of Cardinals, elevated by Pope John Paul II in 1994, two years after the end of the Communist era in Albania, where about 10 percent of the population is Roman Catholic.

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