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Clyde Tombaugh, 90, the astronomer who discovered...


Clyde Tombaugh, 90, the astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto before he had a college degree, died Friday at his home in Mesilla Park, N.M. He retired in 1973 as an astronomy professor at New Mexico State University, where he founded the research astronomy department.

Tombaugh discovered Pluto, the ninth planet from the sun, in 1930 when he was 24.

Theo Wilson, a journalist whose courtroom coverage of cases from Sam Sheppard to John DeLorean made her the dean of America's trial reporters, died in Los Angeles early Friday of a cerebral hemorrhage. She was believed to be about 78.

Wilson, whose memoir, "Headline Justice," was published last week by Thundersmouth Press, was stricken Thursday as she prepared for a television interview about the book. Her career was primarily at the New York Daily News, but big trials -- Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, Angela Davis -- took her to California where the Daily News suggested she open a West Coast bureau.

Pub Date: 1/19/97

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