Making Asian dishes easily at homeIf you've...

Making Asian dishes easily at home

If you've always loved the taste of Asian cuisines, but have hesitated to try them at home because the dishes seem so complex, Washington-based cookbook author Barbara Witt has produced a book with all the flavor but none of the mystery of Far Eastern food. "Pan-Asian Express" (Bantam Books, $14.95) is designed for the home chef, and has lots of tips, sources and easy-to-understand information. Recipes range from fried rice and mango chutney to Hunan steak with watercress stir-fry and green tea granita.


If you ate your way through the holidays, you may be thinking now about shedding a few pounds sometime soon. To help you get and stay motivated, Quaker Rice Cakes is offering a toll-free help line called "Ready When You Are" with advice about healthy eating and living. The number, which operates through Jan. 31, is (800) 476-2252.

Lunch break


One out of four employed adults takes a brown-bag lunch to work, according to a survey by Oscar Meyer, makers of the new Lunchables Deli Carryouts sandwich-lunch kits for grown-ups. The survey also found that 12 percent of workers continued to work through their lunch breaks, which typically last 30 minutes.

Online dining

Looking for a new restaurant to try? The Restaurant Association of Maryland has recently completed an online dining guide, featuring more than 2,300 dining spots around the state. You can scan the restaurants for cuisine, location and price. The address is http: //

Pub Date: 1/08/97