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Vandals smash car windows in Westminster


Westminster police are investigating nearly two dozen reports of windows that were smashed late Friday and and early Saturday.

Vandals damaged vehicles and buildings on West Main Street, Uniontown Road, Windsor Drive, Janice Way, Stacy Lee Drive, East Green Street, Anchor Street and Chase Street.

The damage appears to have been caused by marbles or ball bearings, police said.

The included included:

Leckron's Towing company, in the 100 block of Pennsylvania Ave., reported $250 damage to the storefront window from a thrown marble.

A Cassell Close resident said his front picture window was broken, with damage estimated at $1,650.

A West Main Street man reported $250 damage from a broken vehicle window. Several hours later, a second West Main Street resident reported $500 damage from a broken window on his vehicle.

Two residents of Janice Way told police that someone had broken windows in their cars, causing about $100 damage to each vehicle.

A South Pleasant Valley Road resident said the driver's door window of her car was broken while it was parked on Stacy Lee Drive, with $100 damage.

Also on Stacy Lee Drive, a resident reported his vehicle's driver's side window broken out, with $100 damage. Another Stacy Lee Drive resident reported the window of a rental car broken, with $100 damage. The window of a third vehicle, owned by Subaru American Credit, was broken, with $100 damage, while it was parked on the street.

An Anchor Street resident said the driver's side window of her vehicle was broken, with $100 damage. Another Anchor Street resident reported the driver's side window broken on his parked vehicle, with about $150 damage.

A Chase Street woman reported her driver's side car window broken, with $100 damage. A Bloomington, Ind., woman reported her vehicle's rear driver's side window broken while it was parked on Chase Street, with $150 damage.

A Bishop Court resident told police the passenger side window was broken while his vehicle was parked on the city's Gehr Lot, with about $150 damage.

An East Green Street resident reported a window broken on her vehicle, with $250 damage.

An Owings Mills woman reported that a window was broken while the vehicle was parked on Uniontown Road, with about $100 damage. A Uniontown Road resident reported $100 damage to his rear side window. Another Uniontown Road resident reported a broken rear side window on his vehicle, with about $200 damage.

A Windsor Drive resident reported both door windows of her vehicle broken, with damage estimated at $200. Just after midnight, another Windsor Drive resident reported his driver's door window broken, with $100 damage.

Westminster police had made no arrests by yesterday in the vandalism.

"Unfortunately, that's not unusual," said Sgt. Wayne Mann. "Unfortunately, you see this about once a year -- where you have a rash of them."

Pub Date: 12/31/96

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