Osiris providing grants for cancer-therapy trial


Osiris Therapeutics, a Baltimore biotechnology company, said yesterday that it will provide grants to the Ireland Cancer Center and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to help pay for a clinical trial of a blood-boosting cell therapy the company has developed.

Osiris' grants will pay for use of the therapy in breast cancer patients whose insurance does not cover such infusions.

The clinical trial, which could involve up to 30 patients, began last month. It involves studying the safety of the Osiris therapy, which is designed to boost breast cancer patients' blood cell counts, said James Burns, Osiris' president.

The therapy would be administered to patients after high dosages of chemotherapy, which can affect the body's ability to grow healthy blood and bone marrow cells.

Osiris' therapy involves infusing patients with cancer-free cells that control the formation of blood and with similar cells found in bone marrow that scientists believe play an important role in blood cell formation.

Pub Date: 12/27/96

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