One-piece swimsuit flatters all kinds of figures


My high school is sponsoring an educational trip to Costa Rica next year and my mother has agreed to let me go. I want to get a really sexy swimsuit to show off my body, but my strict mother has other ideas. Not only is she insisting I get a one-piece but also that I get a shirt to cover up and, she claims, "to protect me from the sun."

With all these rules I can't see how I'll ever look sexy. Can you suggest something?

First of all, cheer up. A one-piece suit is the most flattering -- even to the best figure on the beach.

As for the shirt, look for one with a '70s shrunken look that you can wear with jeans as well as with your swimsuit.

I asked Adrienne Vittadini to steer you in the right direction about the suit. She does a collection each year that is full of exciting, comfortable and sexy suits.

"One of my favorite swimwear silhouettes is the one-piece," she tells me. "The clean lines flatter any figure, and the suit can be quite revealing and flirtatious with a higher cut leg, deep V-neck line and cut-out back interest.

"I definitely agree with your mother about the shirt. We all need to be aware of the devastating effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in the tropics. Sun block and a great cover-up are a must."

Vittadini also points out that one of the season's hot looks is a fitted shirt in the same print as the suit: "It adds protection as well as style."

My husband collects unusual after-shave fragrances and loves to find something different. I want to surprise him with a gift. Any suggestions?

There are many new types of after shave on the market. I know of one that gets its fragrance from Japan's favorite beverage, green tea.

Annette Green of New York's Fragrance Foundation suggests sampling some of the new designer fragrances, even unusual formulations like chocolate and tobacco leaf.

To help you in your search, Green says, remember that a fragrance as well as being romantic and sexy should make your man feel better, boosting his spirits as he heads out into a stressful world.

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Pub Date: 12/26/96

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