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Fire company gives awards for 1996, installs officers


Taneytown Volunteer Fire Company recently held its annual banquet to install 1997 officers and present awards for 1996.

James H. Parker was named Fireman of the Year for service and dedication.

Dawn Knox, Linda Lookingbill, Donnalee Hartman and Nancy Glass were given honorary membership for service. Earl Lookingbill received a president's pin and plaque. Michael Glass received a chief's pin and plaque.

The year's top 10 fire responders are Tony Wolfe, Graham Wildasin, Shane Timberman, Howard Welty, Craig Bare, Glenn Haines, Wayne Baker, Mark Riggs, Fern Haines, Phil Petry.

The top 10 medical responders are Todd Naugle, Sharon Eiler, Daryll Pearce, David Lookingbill, Craig Bare, Dale Kline, James Haines, Mark Smith, Chad Bitzel, Jesse Salley.

Administrative officers are James Salley, president; Fern Haines, first vice president; James Haines, second vice president; Sharon Eiler, secretary; Charles Parrish, financial secretary; James Parker, treasurer; Robert Trankley, assistant treasurer.

Line officers are Ronnie Naugle, fire chief; Brett Six, assistant chief; Graham Wildasin, captain; Glenn Haines, first lieutenant; Jeffery Stitely, second lieutenant; Douglas Bare, third lieutenant.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officers are Todd Naugle, captain; James Haines, first lieutenant; Sharon Eiler, second lieutenant; Chad Bitzel, third lieutenant.

Members-at-large are Craig Austin, Jeff Stitely and Charles Barnhart Jr. Chaplain is Charles Barnhart.

Pub Date: 12/26/96

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