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MERRY XCESS Testosterone not included; It's not just a gift, it's a lifestyle. Another 'unique' item from holiday catalogs.


Each day you become more certain who you are. You've always suspected baronial blood might flow in your veins. Possibly a mix-up at birth. What else could explain your unerring sense for the just right ... stuff. You've come a long way from Catonsville. And you've got far to go still. So you know you had better be dressed for the journey. That's why you shop from the Willis & Geiger catalog. Where else could you find Moleskin Pants (Item #4107-88F Quarry. Even sizes 32-44, $148) like these: "The exact same hard to find, super-tough strain worn by German miners, Australian sheepherders and 16th-century English foundry workers"? Where, we ask? L.L. Bean? It is to laugh. Or take that Leather Reversible Duffer (#3488-68F, Range Tan, M-XL, $558). Just the thing when you're out on your property! Of course you haven't got any. But someday you'll walk your own grounds. Why, there's a picture of Ernest Hemingway! You've seen all his movies. "Hemingway didn't just walk through life," the catalog says, "he barreled through with his chest out and his chin up." Of course, "Papa" shot himself. What a downer. But you can still order that Hemingway Jacket of Bush Poplin (Regular, #3477-68F, Tan/Pewter, $122). No, sir. Go ahead! You know it's so. You are that Willis & Geiger Guy.

Willis & Geiger Outfitters, 1902 Explorer's Trail, Reedsburg, WI 53959-9676, or call 1-800-223-1408.

Pub Date: 12/23/96

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