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150 years ago in The SunDec. 22:...


150 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 22: Centre Market -- We have never seen so fine a market, even at Christmas time, such a great abundance of creature comforts displayed, as were yesterday exhibited at the Centre Market. The wagons from the country covered Baltimore Street nearly up to Gay, and all the cross streets.

Dec. 25: CHRISTMAS DAY -- Lo! the dawn is here, and what a multitude of anticipations are about to be realised, this "dear, delightful day."

Dec. 28: Charles McElvay was seriously injured on Saturday evening, being run over by the wagon of Mr. Joel Vickers, which he was driving down Baltimore Street heavily loaded.

100 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 22: Little Robert Henry is dead. He was eight years old and was the youngest of eight boys who were bitten by a mad dog Dec. 1. He died yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock of hydrophobia, at his home, 610 Oxford Avenue, Waverly.

Dec. 23: At the Mount Washington Casino last night a merry throng, including a number of Baltimoreans and several of the season's debutantes, gathered to attend a Christmas german, which took the place of the last of the six subscription dances.

Dec. 25: Christmas Day was ushered in at St. Mary's Seminary and at the Park Avenue Convent of the Visitation by midnight Masses.

50 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 22: Two persons struck by a streetcar at Baltimore and Calvert streets last night were pinned beneath the vehicle for several minutes before being freed by police.

Dec. 23: One, two, three, four -- Baltimore's first quadruplets are here. The Charles Henn Jr. family, which late yesterday afternoon numbered three, has more than doubled. Mrs. Henn, who took no anesthetic for the delivery, had only one request to make when it was all over; she asked for "a cup of tea."

Dec. 26: Pasadena, Calif., Dec. 25 (AP) -- W. C. Fields, the bulbous-nosed comedian whose deadpan gestures, raspy remarks and "never give a sucker an even break" characterizations made him a showman beloved by the nation over, died today. He was 66.

Pub date: 12/22/96

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