Like dad, Jags don't want tie for Christmas


Fact: (From the "Integrity Watch") If the Chiefs and Bills conspire to play a tie Sunday in Buffalo, they'll both make the playoffs and knock Jacksonville out.

Opinion: It's admirable that Charlie Weatherbie, an ambitious guy, turned down higher-profile jobs at Baylor and Boston College to stay at Navy. But if he has another big season with the Mids, he'll get the kind of offer he can't refuse.

Fact: My Heisman Trophy ballot read as follows: 1) Danny Wuerffel, 2) Troy Davis, 3) Jake Plummer.

Opinion: Maryland's thoroughbred racing industry will survive without enhanced revenue from slots, but the state's harness industry will have a tough time.

Fact: The Ravens' attendance is down 8 percent from the Browns' attendance in Cleveland in 1995.

Opinion: Without having given a real reason for leaving Notre Dame, and without a new job to go to, Lou Holtz is looking a lot like a guy who was told to leave.

Fact: Lakers guard Nick Van Exel on 18-year-old teammate Kobe Bryant: "He's got a lot of youngness in him."

Opinion: (Dept. of About Faces) Enough of these horribly blown calls and five-minute zebra conferences. Give each NFL team two instant replay "demands" per half. Let the head official look at a TV screen on the field. The time has come for instant replay.

Fact: If the NBA season ended yesterday, the Golden State Warriors would have qualified for the playoffs with a 9-17 record.

Opinion: It's a sign of the lack of quality pitching in baseball that David Wells, who went 11-14 with a 5.14 ERA last year, was considered such a prized free agent.

Fact: Update on last year's Maryland basketball seniors: Mario Lucas is playing pro ball in Chile, Duane Simpkins is playing pro ball in Belgium and Exree Hipp is not playing anywhere. Johnny Rhodes, a late cut by the Sacramento Kings, has chosen not to play in the CBA.

Opinion: Maryland's new football coach, Ron Vanderlinden, looks like a good hire, but let's see if he wins some games before we anoint him.

Fact: Eighteen Virginia Tech football players, approximately one-fifth of the squad, have been charged with a crime in the past year. Go team!

Opinion: It's an embarrassment to the NFL that Rich Kotite, loser of 34 of his past 38 games with the Jets and Iggles, is still employed.

Fact: Opponents have completed 64.5 percent of their passes on the Ravens this season.

Opinion: It's hardly fair that the Orioles are layering over Rick Krivda, who bailed them out with the biggest win of 1996 in late September at Fenway Park.

Fact: Toronto and Phoenix, those noted geographical rivals, are in the same division in the NHL.

Opinion: The Blue Jays' rotation of Roger Clemens, Pat Hentgen, Juan Guzman and Erik Hanson is a pretty good match for the Yankees' rotation of David Cone, Andy Pettitte, David Wells and Kenny Rogers.

Fact: Chicago's SportsChannel was so ashamed about televising Dennis Rodman's profanity-laced live post-game interview last week that it aired the footage again twice without bleeping out the profanity.

Opinion: Local college basketball rankings: 1) Coppin State, 2) Mount St. Mary's, 3) Towson State, 4) Loyola, 5) UMBC, 6) Morgan State.

Fact: The Raiders committed 20 penalties in losing to the Broncos on Sunday.

Opinion: They aren't close to the NBA's best team, but the Philadelphia 76ers, with Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse, are a whole lot of fun to watch.

Fact: New York's baseball fans are so terrific that the Yankees were ranked seventh in the AL in attendance last season.

Opinion: The saddest sight in sports is the fabled Boston Celtics in ruins, with no hope of improving.

Fact: New York's football fans are so loyal that the Jets and Giants combined for 73,327 no-shows last weekend.

Opinion: The Dallas Cowboys have scored three touchdowns in five games, lost their best defensive player to a drug suspension, endured daily controversy and become a long shot to win another Super Bowl, but they're still the playoff team no one wants to play.

Fact: Manute Bol is still playing basketball -- for a team called Libertas Forli in Italy.

Opinion: Let's not call it a low blow anymore. Let's call it a Golota.

Pub Date: 12/20/96

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