O come, o come, o manual For a great leap backward, this is just your type. Another 'unique' gift from holiday catalogs.


Ah, the Computer Age. What a great time to be alive -- until the power goes out. Then what do you do? Twiddle your thumbs until the statewide power grid reboots itself? Well, you and your treasured manifesto-Great American Novel-haiku wouldn't have to wait if you had this 1960s model Olivetti manual typewriter. Made of steel and built like a tank, it works on the best CD-ROM you'll ever find: your brain. But, it'll take some getting used to. There's no delete key, no automatic return and -- gasp! -- no spell check. And, it's a little messy, what with the typewriter ribbon to fiddle with, the eraser dust and the accumulated gobs of Liquid Paper. Yes, yes, it's a throwback, a dinosaur, a relic from the age of "snail mail," black-and-white television and long division, but aren't your words worth the peace of mind of knowing you'll never have to fear the flashing alarm: System Going Down!

Manual typewriter, Item No. 24965, $185. The Vermont Country Store, P.O. Box 300, Manchester Center, Vt. 05255-3000; or call (802) 362-2400, or fax (802) 362-0285.

Pub Date: 12/20/96

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