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Widening of Route 32 stretch feasible but unlikely to start soon, state says


State officials say widening the 6 1/2 -mile stretch of Route 32 from Interstate 70 to Route 26 to four lanes is possible but, at a projected cost of $80 million, improbable.

Carroll County envisions a widened Route 32 as its access to interstates, as a boon to economic development in South Carroll and as the cheapest way to ease traffic congestion in its fastest-growing area.

"From my perspective, this project is a critical component to the fiscal health of Carroll County," said Steven D. Powell, county budget director.

The State Highway Administration released details yesterday of a $35,000 feasibility study for the 6.5 miles of highway. The study could "knock several months off project planning," which often precedes highway construction by seven years, said Neil J. Pedersen, director of the office of planning for the state Department of Transportation.

"The good news is we have enough confidence to say this is feasible from an engineering standpoint," he said.

Planning is expected to begin "sometime in the latter part of the next decade," Pedersen said. But the potential for economic development could shorten the timetable.

"The governor has made it clear that economic development is an important consideration in terms of funding," Pedersen said.

The state is expected to make a 131-acre property, along the highway at Springfield Hospital Center, available soon to local government or to private investors.

If Carroll is to market the site aggressively, it must be able to guarantee prospective buyers better access to transportation, said Philip Rovang, county director of planning.

Cost estimates for improving the section of Route 32 could top $80 million, Pedersen said.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell said he was encouraged by the study, but discouraged that the construction was scheduled so far into the future.

The county will submit the feasibility study to its Planning and Zoning Commission for review as soon as possible.

Pub Date: 12/19/96

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