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What's new: Wherever Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer goes, it seems as if controversy isn't far behind. Now Switzer has stirred up some Washington Redskins by saying he was going to treat this week's 4 p.m. game -- the Redskins' last at RFK Stadium -- like a bye week since Dallas has already won the NFC East title.

A perturbed Redskins defensive end Rich Owens said, "Nothing he says surprises me and it shouldn't surprise anybody else after all the things he said last year. It's just one more thing to add to the list."

Said Washington linebacker Ken Harvey said: "There's some fire when he says this is a bye week. It shows a lack of respect for us." Quarterback Gus Frerotte said Switzer's remarks "make it easier for us to get ready to play this game."

"It's Dallas. Do I need to say anything else?" asked Frerotte.

Switzer said yesterday his comments were a "poor choice of words that were extracted from a long conversation. "It's a game I don't have to play some players who are banged up."

Next game: Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith on RFK: "It's a heck of a place to play, a great stadium in my opinion, always a memory to me because I scored my very first NFL touchdown there [Sept. 23, 1990]. I like the grass, the atmosphere and it's one of the loudest stadiums to play in."

Switzer said he would wait until Sunday to decide if Smith and Troy Aikman would play.

What Norv Turner said: "It's never one person's [defensive coordinator Ron Lynn] fault when you lose. But unfortunately when things go wrong like they did for our defense [ranked 29th this week ahead of 30th-place Ravens], people want to blame someone. That's a fact of life." Lynn hasn't been fired yet, but

reports have surfaced that New York Giants defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is a candidate to replace Lynn. Nolan is expected to be dismissed with the rest of coach Dan Reeves' staff soon after the season is over.

Quotable: "This is probably the last game for this group of players. I know we all won't be back next year. So it's like an interview for another job next season for some guys. I feel a responsibility to win for all the past great teams and players who have played at RFK," Harvey.

Pub Date: 12/19/96

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