MERRY XCESS Getting the drop on burglars; Still looking for Christmas presents? Fetch the phone and scoop up these items from our series of 'unique' catalog gifts.


The mind wanders: Somewhere out there, we hope, is a child whose parents decided that the world just doesn't have enough places to hide a spare key. So they invented a key hider in the shape of an enormous piece of, well, dog-doo. And the world, stepping carefully, beat a path to their door, shelling out $7.99, and everyone wanted one, or two, because even the most committed burglar would give pause before reaching into a mound of, you know. And if our dream comes true, the inventors will become fabulously wealthy, and later, when this spoiled and ungrateful child inherits this "pile" of money, he will suffer by forever being identified in society columns as "the flashy heir to -- the dog-doo key-hider fortune." While you're chewing over that fantasy, why not enjoy a tin of Road Apples, macaroon cookies made with chocolate and coconuts and shaped like horse droppings. We could be full of it, but we smell a trend here.

Pile of ... Key Hider, $7.99 plus shipping, Item No. H30-1088, Pedigrees pet catalog, 1989 Transit Way, Box 905, Brockport, N.Y. 14420-0905, or call (800) 548-4786. Road Apples, $3.95, Item No. A851, Back in the Saddle, 570 Turner Drive, Suite C, Durango, Colo. 81301, or call (800) 435-3633.

Pub Date: 12/18/96

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