NL flavor spices up O's '97 schedule Expos, Phillies to be first teams to visit


The Montreal Expos will be the first National League team to play at Camden Yards next season, in the first year of interleague play. The inclusion of NL teams is the most notable aspect of the Orioles' 1997 schedule, which hasn't officially been released or ratified.

The '97 schedule obtained by The Sun is still subject to change, and team officials are in the process of pinning down exact starting times. But these are some of the highlights and lowlights.

On your mark : The Orioles open the season at home, against Kansas City.

Who are those guys? The Expos, led by manager Felipe Alou and pitcher Pedro Martinez, play at Camden Yards on June 16-18. The Orioles will play host to Philadelphia for three games, June 30-July 2. The New York Mets come through town Aug. 29-31. The Orioles will play at Atlanta and Florida this year, and play host to the Braves and Marlins in '97.

The hated Yankees: The Orioles will play at New York on May 26-27 and Sept. 4-7, and play host to the Yankees on June 3-4 and Sept. 11-14.

The hated Red Sox: The Orioles will play at Boston on April 18-21, including the 11 a.m. Patriot's Day Game April 21, and oddly play their last games in Fenway June 10-11. They'll play host to the Red Sox April 24-27 and July 16-17.

Road trip from hell: Upon completion of a homestand Aug. 31, the Orioles will fly to Florida to play the Marlins three games, including a late afternoon game Sept. 1. They play the Marlins in night games Sept. 2 and 3, then fly overnight to New York to begin a crucial four-game series with the Yankees. Then they fly to Cleveland for two games against the Tribe.

Home sweet home: The Orioles return home for the All-Star break July 7 (except for Cal Ripken, Roberto Alomar, et al, who are headed to Cleveland for the All-Star Game), then play Milwaukee three games, Toronto two, Boston in two, and the Chicago White Sox three.

Why the Orioles should complain: The Orioles will have only six days off when they won't travel (not counting the All-Star break), and four of them come when the team is on the road.

Another reason the Orioles will complain: They'll play in Texas on July 21-23, fly up to Minnesota for three games July 25-27, come home for just two games July 29-30, then travel to the West Coast the next day to start a nine-game road trip.

Strangers: The Orioles don't play Toronto until June 26.

The finish line: The Orioles finish the season with six games on the road, Sept. 23-25 in Toronto and Sept. 26-28 in Milwaukee.

Orioles 1997 schedule

April 1 Kansas City

April 3 Kansas City

April 4 at Texas

April 5 at Texas

April 6 at Texas

April 7 at Kansas City

April 9 at Kansas City

April 10 at Kansas City

April 11 Texas

April 12 Texas*

April 13 Texas*

April 14 Minnesota

April 15 Minnesota

April 16 at Chicago W.S.

April 17 at Chicago W.S.

April 18 at Boston

April 19 at Boston*

April 20 at Boston*

April 21 at Boston*

April 22 Chicago W.S.

April 23 Chicago W.S.

April 24 Boston

April 25 Boston*

April 26 Boston*

April 27 Boston*

April 29 at Minnesota

April 30 at Minnesota

May 1 at Minnesota

May 2 Oakland

May 3 Oakland*

May 4 Oakland*

May 5 Anaheim

May 6 Anaheim

May 7 Anaheim

May 8 Seattle

May 9 Seattle

May 10 Seattle*

May 11 Seattle*

May 12 at Oakland

May 13 at Oakland*

May 14 at Anaheim

May 15 at Anaheim

May 16 at Seattle

May 17 at Seattle

May 18 at Seattle

May 20 Detroit

May 21 Detroit

May 23 at Cleveland

May 24 at Cleveland

May 25 at Cleveland

May 26 at N.Y. Yankees

May 27 at N.Y. Yankees

May 28 at Detroit

May 29 at Detroit

May 30 Cleveland

May 31 Cleveland*

June 1 Cleveland*

June 2 Cleveland

June 3 N.Y. Yankees

June 4 N.Y. Yankees

June 6 at Chicago W.S.

June 7 at Chicago W.S.*

June 8 at Chicago W.S.*

June 9 at Chicago W.S.

June 10 at Boston

June 11 at Boston

June 13 at Atlanta

June 14 at Atlanta

June 15 at Atlanta*

June 16 Montreal

June 17 Montreal

June 18 Montreal*

June 20 at Toronto

June 21 at Toronto*

June 22 at Toronto*

June 23 at Milwaukee

June 24 at Milwaukee

June 25 at Milwaukee*

June 26 Toronto

June 27 Toronto

June 28 Toronto

June 29 Toronto

June 30 Philadelphia

July 1 Philadelphia

July 2 Philadelphia*

July 3 at Detroit

July 4 at Detroit

July 5 at Detroit*

July 6 at Detroit*

July 11 Milwaukee

July 12 Milwaukee

July 13 Milwaukee*

July 14 Toronto

July 15 Toronto

July 16 Boston

July 17 Boston

July 18 Chicago W.S.

July 19 Chicago W.S.

July 20 Chicago W.S.*

July 21 at Texas

July 22 at Texas

July 23 at Texas

July 25 at Minnesota*

July 26 at Minnesota

July 27 at Minnesota

July 29 Texas

July 30 Texas*

July 31 at Oakland

Aug. 1 at Oakland

Aug. 2 at Oakland

Aug. 3 at Oakland*

Aug. 5 at Seattle

Aug. 6 at Seattle*

Aug. 8 at Anaheim

Aug. 9 at Anaheim

Aug. 10 at Anaheim*

Aug. 12 Oakland

Aug. 13 Oakland

Aug. 14 Seattle

Aug. 15 Seattle

Aug. 16 Anaheim*

Aug. 17 Anaheim*

Aug. 18 Anaheim

Aug. 19 at Kansas City

Aug. 20 at Kansas City

Aug. 21 at Kansas City

Aug. 22 Minnesota

Aug. 23 Minnesota

Aug. 24 Minnesota*

Aug. 26 Kansas City

Aug. 27 Kansas City

Aug. 28 Kansas City

Aug. 29 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 30 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 31 N.Y. Mets*

Sept. 1 at Florida*

Sept. 2 at Florida

Sept. 3 at Florida*

Sept. 4 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 5 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 6 at N.Y. Yankees*

Sept. 7 at N.Y. Yankees*

Sept. 8 at Cleveland

Sept. 9 at Cleveland

Sept. 11 N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 12 N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 13 N.Y. Yankees*

Sept. 14 N.Y. Yankees*

Sept. 15 Cleveland

Sept. 16 Cleveland

Sept. 17 Milwaukee

Sept. 18 Milwaukee

Sept. 19 Detroit

Sept. 20 Detroit*

Sept. 21 Detroit*

Sept. 22 Detroit

Sept. 23 at Toronto

Sept. 24 at Toronto

Sept. 25 at Toronto

Sept. 26 at Milwaukee

Sept. 27 at Milwaukee

Sept. 28 at Milwaukee*

* -- Day game

Pub Date: 12/18/96

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