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MERRY XCESS It takes a (Mayberry) village; Pewter pieces of small-town niceness that will be in re-runs at your home for Christmases to come. Another in our series of 'unique' catalog gifts.


Hey, if you wish big, mean Baltimore could be just a little like small, friendly Mayberry, N.C., this gift's for you. "Say 'Hey' to these Happy Mayberry Accessories!," offered this holiday season Hawthorne Village sculptures, maker of those ubiquitous Christmas villages. "Bring your Mayberry town to life!" Hark, do tell us more! The $21.90 "Have a Great Day" set, for example, features Opie dashing to school and Aunt Bee in her Sunday best, headin' for church -- a sweet, timeless TV image captured in handcrafted pewter figurines. But, hey, the catalog says, "Aunt Bee is 2 1/8 inches tall." That might be true, but it's still not nice to say about Bee. Another $21.90 "Aunt Bee and Opie" set features Opie, bat in hand, heading for a baseball game. Aunt Bee, fresh-baked pie in hand, stands alone. But, hey, now "Aunt Bee is 1 7/8 " tall." She shrunk? Hey, if it's not Christmas in your home without a porcelain Gomer Pyle in Wally's Filling Station ($39.90), then this truly is your dream catalog.

To order Gomer, the incredible shrinking Aunt Bee and other Mayberry figurines, call Hawthorne Village at 1-800-327-0327. You may not get Sara, but others operators are standing by.

Pub Date: 12/17/96

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