Golota again batters Bowe, loses on DQ Pole is disqualified for low blow in 9th after earlier head butt; Ex-champ floored in 2nd, 5th; Reeling but gutty Bowe trailed on all 3 cards


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- The Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota rematch last night was a back-alley brawl, and once again Golota was disqualified for a low blow.

This time, however, there was no riot, as there was when Golota was disqualified for low blows in the seventh round on July 11 at Madison Square Garden.

Golota had knocked down Bowe twice and appeared headed for victory when he landed a left far below the belt that put Bowe down in the ninth round and led referee Eddie Cotton to disqualify Golota.

"I took away one point for a head butt earlier and one point for a low blow and this was a blatant low blow," Cotton said. "That's a disqualification."

"I'm not fighting him anymore, Newman," Bowe (40-1) told manager Rock Newman while still on the canvas after the fight-ending foul.

After eight rounds, all three officials had Golota (28-2) ahead. Steve Weisfeld had it 75-71, Shafeeq Rashada 75-73 and Al Devito 74-72.

Bowe, a Fort Washington resident, was the first to enter the ring to the strains of "Born in the U.S.A." Golota, in turn, arrived with the playing of the Polish national anthem. Most of his supporters were sitting in the far reaches of the balcony in the 16,000-seat hall.

Cotton made a point of warning both boxers to keep their punches above the belt.

Bowe looked exceedingly trim after losing 45 pounds in three months to get down to 232. He was giving away 4 pounds to his foe.

There were few fireworks in the opening minutes. Golota was content to land his jab and score with counters against Bowe, who pressed forward. Bowe missed two wild rights to end the round.

Bowe continued to stalk his Polish opponent at the start of Round 2. But the arena soon exploded when Golota landed a smashing overhand right to Bowe's chin and the former champion crumpled to the canvas.

He got up on wobbly legs and then withstood a steady barrage of punches from Golota, seeking to end it. But Bowe showed great heart in withstanding the assault and fighting back, TTC opening an ugly gash over Golota's left eye.

When Golota head-butted Bowe, Cotton stopped the action and deducted a point while also allowing Bowe time to recuperate. The crowd erupted in applause at the end of this wild round.

In the third round, Bowe continued to take aim at Golota's damaged eye and was taking command in the closing minutes with a number of jarring combinations.

Golota's corner did an excellent job in stemming the bleeding before the start of the fourth round. But Bowe rocked Golota with three overhand rights. He dropped to the canvas, but bounced up at the count of five.

The eye was again streaming blood, and this time it was Bowe sensing the finish. Typically, Golota fought back, and both fighters began to show signs of fatigue.

Again, Golota lost his composure, hitting Bowe low again to draw his second penalty.

The fifth round was just as spectacular. Golota landed three crunching rights and Bowe slumped to the floor. He looked completely out on his feet after beating the count. Borrowing a tactic from Muhammad Ali, he sought the ropes as an ally and ducked under a number of big right hands by Golota.

When the bell sounded, Bowe had difficulty locating his corner.

Neither fighter was in serious trouble in the sixth round, but Golota landed the heavier blows. Bowe, however, seemed clear-eyed and willing to trade haymakers.

Golota boxed effectively in the seventh round, scoring with combinations while Bowe again sought to buy some time on the ropes. The strategy backfired when Golota bounced three solid rights off his head. Again, Bowe barely survived the closing seconds of the round, leaving Golota's flag-waving backers in a frenzy.

Golota picked up where he left off in Round 7, opening the eighth with three clubbing rights. Bowe seemed only capable of landing his jab, too preoccupied with survival.

Bowe's legs buckled again after catching a big right on the jaw. But he continued to fight back courageously.

Golota continued to pummel Bowe in the ninth round, but Bowe's jab inflicted enough damage to reopen Golota's cut.

Frustrated, Golota unleashed a right uppercut that was blatantly foul, and referee Cotton stopped the fight, again awarding Bowe the victory by disqualification.

Bowe lay on the canvas for minutes while his handlers and doctors administered to him.

Pub Date: 12/15/96

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