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Redskins are no prizeIn response to Louis...


Redskins are no prize

In response to Louis Levin's Dec. 1 letter, I want to be the first to remind you of the Redskins' record the past three years. It's great for a laugh. In 1995 they were 6-10; in 1994, 3-13; and in 1993, 4-12. It's especially funny when you consider grown men wearing pig noses, wigs and dresses. What an intimidating crowd. With the return of several starters on defense and the addition of some draft picks, the Ravens won't be able to add the wins fast enough. To have the Redskins on the Ravens' schedule next year would put a smile on my face. Then we will know whom the joke is on.

Don Brown


Joke is on Washington

I take exception to Louis Levin's comments calling the Ravens "Baltimore's joke." It seems Levin has forgotten that the hapless Deadskins' record over the past few years has been nothing to rave about. Could it also be that Levin roots for the Washington Senators during baseball season? Oh, by the way, I just got back from the Ravens' drubbing of the Steelers. The joke is on you, Mr. Levin!

Marc Silverman


Hit the road, 'Skins fan

In response to Louis Levin's letter, I have the following response. As a lifelong resident of Baltimore, I would be happy to see you leave town. Such a devoted, die-hard Redskins fan should be closer to his home team. There's plenty of prime real estate along the Potomac. I'll even provide the moving van. With an owner like Jack Kent Cooke, you may need the van sooner than you think. Sorry about the Dallas game. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Bill Sieg

Ellicott City

Why lose on purpose?

Ken Rosenthal's Dec. 3 column, "Win offers lift, but how about pick?" was irresponsible. The column implies the Ravens should lose on purpose -- throw a few games for a high pick. What character or integrity is there in that?

Further, Rosenthal had no point. The teams with a record equal to or worse than the Ravens are the Jets, Saints, Falcons and Rams. Not one has been to a Super Bowl in 15 years. Only the Falcons have had a winning season in the past four years. These teams have had dozens of high draft picks in that span.

Jonathan Scott


Ravens' Morris no hero

I find it disturbing that you seem to have chosen to make Bam Morris some kind of hero. Let's not forget why the Steelers let Morris go: drugs. The Steelers took a moral stand; releasing him had nothing to do with his abilities. On the other hand, the Ravens gave the man a raise. What a fine message to send to young athletes. I'm not trying to bash Morris. No one in his right mind would turn down a great job and a raise. In this sense, he's done nothing wrong.

The wrong is with the NFL. Where do you draw the line on what behavior is bad? Other teams have players that have committed far worse transgressions.

P. Brunell

Havre de Grace It's one thing to hear all the so-called sportswriters constantly reminding the world that the Baltimore Ravens were once the Cleveland Browns, but when I read where Ted Marchibroda says, "I think we got that Pittsburgh stigma off our back," it makes me wonder where his head is. The Ravens had no stigma with Pittsburgh. After all, the Ravens only played the Steelers once before. The fans will determine who our enemies are. The Ravens will establish their own rivalries in time. Let's not adopt them.

Bill McGinty Sr.

Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Baltimore says thanks, CFL

What a classy display by the group of Baltimoreans attending the Grey Cup game in Hamilton, Ontario last month. The "Thanks Canada, We Love You" banner signed by the 250 or more Baltimoreans attending the festivities got our minds off PSLs and other nonsense. To those who witnessed what true devotion and friendship can accomplish, I say: Long live the CFL!

Jerome Kersch


O's should keep Murray

Eddie Murray would accept a large pay cut and play a reduced role to remain an Oriole. Yet, Pat Gillick has doubts. Was Gillick at Game 5 of the ALCS, watching Murray hit a home run to give the Orioles hope? No one else can provide his leadership.

This team lacked chemistry. Is it a coincidence that Cleveland came together as a team when Murray arrived and the Orioles started winning when Murray arrived? I think not. How about doing something right for the team and the fans, Mr. Gillick?

Keep Murray.

Alan Raynes

Marina Del Rey, Calif. I nominate Orioles bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks for commissioner of baseball. He is, without a doubt, the goodwill ambassador for baseball. He visits young people at hospitals, schools and many other gatherings, putting smiles on faces. Keep up the good work, No. 44.

Tom Yingling


Yow did Duffner wrong

Debbie Yow fired Maryland football coach Mark Duffner, and in the unwritten rules of college athletics, you must win to keep you job, so perhaps she was justified. But the manner in which she handled this was reprehensible. She didn't give the coach and his staff any notice. She told them to have their offices cleaned out within 24 hours. Why? The reason is pretty sad, even juvenile -- because she didn't get her way.

Yow asked Duffner to resign. When he wouldn't, she made it sound as if he compromised the honor of the athletic department. Whether Duffner won enough games is debatable, but his integrity can't be questioned. Yow sounded like a bitter child trying to defend her immoral actions, which only make me want to support my alma mater's athletic program even less.

Michael L. Duffy


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Pub Date: 12/15/96

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