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So, you're sitting at the computer e-mailing your favorite squeeze when one of life's most powerful urges hits like you like a virus: Chocolate! No problem. You simply reach over and grab your mouse and take a big chomp out of it. Not, of course, the HTC one connected to your keyboard. The low-tech, high-calorie chocolate computer mouse from ComputerGear Inc. The mouse comes wrapped in gold foil (complete with tail) and contains 3.5 ounces of solid milk chocolate. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Who were you e-mailing, anyway? Oh, yeah -- that person whose chest you were staring at the other day. What else to do but stare when his e-mail address is brazenly written across it? ComputerGear, in super-geek Bill Gates' hometown, offers T-shirts and sweat shirts personalized with your very own online address. Wear it around town and the world will beat a path to your digital door.

Chocolate computer mouse, $8, Item No. 9098. On-line T-shirt, $22 for sizes M, L and XL; $24 for XXL, Item No. 1045. On-line sweat shirt, $33 for M, L and XL; $35 for XXL, Item No. 2045. Shipping and handling extra. ComputerGear, 4028 148th Ave. NE, Redmond, Wash. 98052. Or call (800) 373-6353.

Pub Date: 12/14/96

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