MERRY XCESS Make it a Bud light; Getting lit with the King of Beers. Another in our series of 'unique' gifts from holiday catalogs.


You've never cozied up to those precious microbrewed beers. You really can't tell a pilsner from a porter, and anyway, shouldn't raspberry wheat be a muffin, not a brewski?

This Bud, in other words, has always been for you.

Show your allegiance to this most macro of brewers this year with gift-giving possibilities from "The Lighter Side," a mail-order catalog that devotes two full pages to things Budweiser.

Imagine your tree aglow with a 13 1/2 -foot string of mini-bottles holding lights rather than beer (Item No. 2411; $16.98). Or drinking from a 24-ounce (that's two Buds worth!) mug that at the press of a button croaks, "Bud-Weis-Er," just like the frogs on the TV commercials (No. 5043; $16.98). Or seeing that it's half-past Bud on your wristwatch (No. 3568; $29.98).

The Lighter Side, 4514 19th Street Court East, P.O. Box 25600, Bradenton, Fla. 34206-5600. Call (914) 747-2356 to order products; call (941) 747-5566, ext. 5, to request a catalog.

Pub Date: 12/13/96

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