Vito Stellino's power rankings


1. Green Bay: Only 78 no-shows at tundra last Sunday.

2. Denver: Broncos now playing exhibition games.

3. Dallas: Getting ready for a stretch run.

4. San Francisco: Why can't 49ers beat Carolina?

5. New England: Is this Bill Parcells' swan song?

6. Pittsburgh: Still struggling with Mike Tomczak at quarterback.

7. Philadelphia: Good time to play the Jets.

8. Kansas City: Rich Gannon can't do it at quarterback.

9. Carolina: Remember, Panthers lost at Jacksonville.

10. Buffalo: Fading fast.

11. Minnesota: Brad Johnson showed in World League that he could play.

12. Miami: So much for Jimmy's guarantees.

13. Indianapolis: Can Colts ambush the Chiefs again?

14. Houston: McNair showed he isn't ready yet.

15. Oakland: Raiders finally beat the Chiefs.

16. Washington: Redskins' defense is worse than Ravens'.

17. Arizona: Boomer is not a happy camper.

18. Seattle: Showed the Bills are vulnerable.

19. Tampa Bay: Tony Dungy is molding a solid team.

20. N.Y. Giants: Tyrone Wheatley needs an alarm clock.

21. San Diego: Tough year for Bobby Ross.

22. Cincinnati: Need more games against Ravens.

23. Chicago: At least Bears are better than the Rams.

24. Jacksonville: Jaguars are still in playoff hunt.

25. Detroit: Goodbye, Wayne.

26. Ravens: Can they make it 10 straight second-half leads?

27. St. Louis: Goodbye, Rich.

28. Atlanta: Goodbye, June.

29. New Orleans: Goodbye, Rick.

30. N.Y. Jets: Goodbye, Rich.

Pub Date: 12/13/96

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