Science show had 'You Are There' feel to it


It's 8: 30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1951. Live from Baltimore, it's "The Johns Hopkins Science Review" on the DuMont Network.

Tonight's episode is "The Master Glass Blower." Your host is Lynn Poole. Tonight's guest is glass blower John Lehman of Baltimore. The part of the circus barker will be played by Hopkins drama student, John Astin:

Fade in. Camera pans Gilman Hall clock tower on Hopkins campus. Music up (melodramatic, as in "Gone With the Wind" melodramatic).

Narrator (off camera): "Each week we look over the shoulders of the world's most important scientists as they constantly probe into the unknown secrets of science."

Cut to live action, and "Circus Barker" set. Actor, in bow tie, showing children glass figurines.

Barker (Astin): "Step right up! Take your pick of these fabulous glass figures!"

Camera pans to host Poole, standing on milk crate (off camera). He introduces John Lehman.

Poole (in a "Meet The Press" voice): "This man does not have an academic degree. He is not a scientist. Although he claims not to be a scientist, he's an important cog in the science wheel "

Lehman fires up gas jets (which lit Lehman's and Poole's cigarettes moments before air time). Lehman, resembling Jack Palance in "Requiem for a Heavyweight," begins turning glass over flames.

Poole: "Why do you keep turning the glass? Well, I suppose it's because you'd have a big glob of gas."

Lehman: "I'm pretty sure that's what's going to happen now, Mr. Poole."

Poole: (Silence)

Lehman: "Boy, I can see my father now! Boy, he used to holler at me, turn it!, turn it!"

Poole: "I understand Hopkins scientists bring you drawings of customized equipment they need made. You really are an unsung hero. Now, you're going to make a condenser tube?

Lehman: "That's right, Mr. Poole ..."

Pan to close-up of glass figure, which resembles a glass Slinky.

Lehman: " it all goes back to turning "

Cut to host holding up drawing. No details can be seen. Cut back to Lehman, seen "blowing" glass.

Poole: "He's making a Christmas ornament now "

Lehman: "Well, if I don't do it, I'll make a bunch of hot dogs."

Camera stays on Lehman, as he flicks glass "hot dogs," causing a slight shattering, and creating glass "snow."

Poole (smiling): "And a very fitting close to the demonstration you've been giving."

Host thanks guest. Cut to preview of next week's show, "The Magic Eye." Music up. Roll credits.

"The Johns Hopkins Science Review.

"Produced by Lynn Poole.

"Your narrator has been Joel Chaseman.

"Portions of this show have been mechanically reproduced."

Fade to black.

Pub Date: 12/11/96

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