Glen Burnie Improvement Association approves $162,656 budget for next year Spending plan provides for $16,000 increase; carnival revenue was up


Members of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association approved last night a $162,656 budget for next year, an increase of $16,000 over this year's spending plan.

But association members will have to wait until next month to vote on how to spend an extra $956.86 in carnival revenue that had been overlooked and was discovered after the proposed budget was presented.

The board of directors proposed using the extra money to give an additional $500 to the North County Emergency Outreach Network), $250 to the Corkran Middle School PTA and to use $206.86 for insurance, said Kathy DeGrange, the association's treasurer.

Under the association budget passed last night, the outreach network received $500, Corkran Middle School received $1,000 and $23,900 was earmarked for insurance.

The association was able to make the donations because of a strong summer carnival, which raised $115,179, including the extra money that was discovered later.

Last year, the carnival raised $97,008.

Carnival revenue makes up almost 70 percent of the association's budget.

Besides supporting community activities, the association uses carnival revenue for the upkeep of its grounds and hall, which are offered free for community use.

The group will use some of the money to pay for filling in a depression in the association's parking lot that was created when an oil tank was removed.

Next year's spending plan includes putting $5,000 in a light rail fund that can be used for extra newsletters or to hold meetings to discuss the Mass Transit Administration's proposal to extend light rail south from Cromwell Station to downtown Glen Burnie.

The transit administration has proposed four routes for extending light rail into Glen Burnie, one of which would come down Post 40 Road near the association's carnival grounds.

If that route were chosen, money from the light rail fund would be used to conduct a survey of the association's property and for legal fees if the association decides to fight the MTA's plans, association officers and members of the board of directors said.

In August, members of the association approved a resolution supporting the extension of a light rail system south from Cromwell Station to Glen Burnie's downtown along Eighth Avenue.

In other business, the association nominated officers for 1997-1998.

Pub Date: 12/11/96

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