Collars out, cuffs buttonedFashion is not always...


Collars out, cuffs buttoned

Fashion is not always what you wear, but how you wear it. Even the classic shirt is subject to seasonal styling variations. The way to wear it now is in a retro-disco-gigolo way with the collar open and outside the jacket of a pantsuit. Keep the cuffs buttoned. Drooping and flapping cuffs were last year. From the Isaac Mizrahi designer level to career clothes by INC, it's collars out. Who decides these things? The fashionistas do, just to keep women guessing. What's life like for a cover girl? Cynthia Graham from Severn, who made the front of November's Glamour, says life is back to business as usual. Her photo and makeup sessions with the experts, however, were valuable lessons. "It was wonderful, and my first real New York experience," says the Towson State graduate whose letter was one of the few chosen from thousands of applicants for the magazine's special make-over issue.

"They took about 3 inches off my hair and showed me how to do my eyes for a totally different look that I can manage on my own," she says. She works for Aerotech, a staffing firm for technical personnel. She had done some modeling in the Baltimore area and hoped the Glamour gig would lead to New York assignments. "I sent photos out to the top agencies and I'm still waiting," she says, "but I have the memory of being pampered and treated like a star." A beautiful long shawl goes a long way to dressing up. It can be wrapped around the shoulders, trailed down the back or carried as a counterpoint to an outfit. Treasure House in Pikesville stocks shawls in a variety of textures, fabrics and lengths. Cut velvets and embroideries are ideal for the gala season ahead; however, a textured silk as shown here would add drama to the most basic of suits. In the retail glitter of holiday merchandise, there are reminders to think of people who have no means to celebrate the season. Nordstrom stores are again trimming their Giving Tree with tags bearing the names of disadvantaged and ailing children, senior citizens and families. Shoppers are asked to take a name tag and bring back a gift. Nordstrom will ensure that the packages are gift-boxed and delivered for Christmas.

Pub Date: 12/08/96

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