Baltimore County wrestling previews


Boys' Latin Lakers

1995-96 record: 8-4

Coach: Jimmy Currie

Top wrestlers: Colby Cox, Sr., 189; Noel Spector, Sr., 171; Gary Colbert, Sr., 140-145; Brian Berger, Sr., 135; Jason Leneau, Jr., 160; Gordy Worcester, Jr., 152; Robert Arnold, Jr., 125; Baron Scarlett, Jr., 130; Brandon Carver, Fr., Hwt.; Henry Friskey, 103; Danny Berger, Fr., 119; Matt Hartman, Fr., 140.

Outlook: Leneau (29-1), one of eight returning starters, was MIAA and state champ as well as National Prep runner-up. Arnold and Colbert were MIAA runners-up -- with Arnold also placing third at states -- and Brian Berger, fourth at MIAAs. Cox was fourth at states, and Friskey, Hartman and Danny Berger were solid junior leaguers.

Catonsville Comets

1995-96 record: 10-7

Coach: John Leslie

Top wrestlers: Sean Gray, Sr., 112-119; Shane Taylor, Sr., 119-125; Andy Thompson, Sr., 125-130; Chuck Ice, Sr., 130-135; James Roussy, Sr., 160; Solomon Jovenal, Jr., 171.

Outlook: Thompson was third in the county a year ago, when the Comets had their first state champion since 1974 and nearly upset Dulaney. "I don't think we have the depth of some teams, but we'll give everyone a good match," Leslie said.

Calvert Hall Cardinals

1995-96 record: 14-8

Coach: Henry Franklin

Top wrestlers: Pete Angelone, Sr., 135; Mike Light, Jr., 152; Leonard Monfredo, Jr., 160; Chris Hanlon, Jr., 112; Rob Johns, Jr., 130; Sean Kelly, Jr., 171; Tony Russo, So., 119.

Outlook: Even though three of last year's wrestlers did not come out, Franklin has a dangerous team. Johns was MIAA champ and third at states, Hanlon was MIAA and state runner-up. Russo (fourth MIAAs), Light, Monfredo and Angelone are all much improved.

Carver A&T; Wildcats

1995-96 record: 1-12

Coach: Pete Skeels

Top wrestlers: Andy Oram, Sr., 140; Rob Rossi, Sr., 171-189; Bob Dema, Sr., 152.

Outlook: With just 13 wrestlers out, the Wildcats won't field a full team, and Skeels is concentrating on daily improvement and individual achievement.

Chesapeake Bayhawks

1995-96 record: 3-11

Coach: Todd Abramowitz

Top wrestlers: Tony Vest, Sr., 160; Matt Buchacz, Sr., 171; Eddie Andrews, Jr., 135; Mike Hitt, Jr., 119.

Outlook: Only 16 turned out, three of them returning starters. "I don't have a full team, but individually, we have some real competitors," Abramowitz said.

Dulaney Lions

1995-96 record: 14-2

Coach: Pete Chakmakis

Top wrestlers: Ryan Frost, Sr., Hwt.; Justin Tagg, Sr., 171; Joe Kane, Sr., 189; Rich Koors, Sr., 160; Mark Twardzik, Sr., 125; Matt Bulloch, Jr., 140; Tom McGinley, Jr., 119; Mike Hwang, Jr., 125; Peter Rinehart, Jr., 152; Phillip Bramugy, Jr., 135; Chris Knox, So., 103.

Outlook: Frost (third region) is among a good crop of talent back from last year's county tournament runners-up. Throw in Knox, a junior-league state champ, Bramugy, a JV runner-up, and Rinehart, a third place JV finisher, and Chakmakis has a team to watch.

Dundalk Owls

1995-96 record: 9-4

Coach: Bob Hutsler

Top wrestlers: Travis Williams, Sr., 140-145; James Rosario, Sr., 135; Brian Laruso, Sr., 171; Bob Lader, Sr., 152; Rich Reesey, Jr., 112-119; Dominic Campber, Jr., 130; Everett Stapleton, Jr., 189.

Outlook: Dan Simancek, the Owls' second state champ, has graduated, but plenty of talent returns. Region runners-up Reesey (31-5, first county, sixth state) and Williams (26-6, third county) lead the way, but Lader, a transfer from Archbishop Curley, is a sound addition.

Eastern Tech Mavericks

1995-96 record: 10-2

Coach: Joe Gast

Top wrestlers: Jamie Blankenship, Sr., 189; Larry Jaski, Sr., Hwt.; Jason Roberts, Sr., 135; Dave Woodward, Sr., 152; Julius Franks, Sr., 171; Demetrius Gourgoulianus, Jr., 112-119; Hector Santana, 160; Wes Woodward, So., 140.

Outlook: Blankenship (26-5), one of eight starters back, drops from heavyweight, where he was a county and region runner-up. Gourgoulianus (24-7) was third in the county and fourth in the region, Santana (22-9) was fourth in the region, and Woodward and Roberts were each fifth in the county.

Franklin Indians

1995-96 record: 6-6

Coach: Scott Delpo

Top wrestlers: Tim Groszkowski, Sr., 145-152.

Outlook: Groszkowski (23-7) was second in the county and fourth in the region, but after him, Delpo's rebuilding, he says.

Hereford Bulls

1995-96 record: 8-5

Coach: Brett Baeir

Top wrestlers: Ben Copenhaver, Sr., 140-145; Carl Yelton, Sr., 171; Pat Curtis, Jr., 130; Dan Comer, Jr., 145; Jason Murphy, Jr., Hwt.; Jeff Epps, Fr., 103.

Outlook: Yelton (fifth region) is the Bulls' highest returning place-finisher, but first-year coach Baeir has Epps, a junior leaguer, and some talent to work with.

Kenwood Bluebirds

1995-96 record: 11-3

Coach: Len Patrick

Top wrestlers: Chuck Jones, Sr., 130; Dominic Baker, Sr., 171; John Monck, Sr., 145; Eric Thompson, Jr., Hwt.; Brian Mallory, Jr., 189; Matt Myrick, Jr., 160; Chris Lamb, Jr., 152; Shaun Burkowski, Jr., 140; Ryan Schultz, Jr., 135; Shawn Halpin, Jr., 119; Sean Adam, So., 112.

Outlook: This team would be better than last year's if eligibility problems hadn't eliminated two of the better returning wrestlers. But All-Metro Jones (33-2, 27 pins) returns after winning county and region tittles and finishing third at states, along with Mallory (23-6), a county and region runner-up who tops a corps of tough upper-weights. Lamb was JV county champ.

Lansdowne Vikings

1995-96 record: 7-7

Coach: Tom Ohler

Top wrestlers: Grant Ohler, Sr., 135; Val Schaefer, Sr., 171; Chuck Burns, Jr., 189; Phil Schaefer, So., 152.

Outlook: County champ Ohler, the coach's son, was 24-2 last year. Phil Schaefer was fourth in the JV counties, and Burns, third JV.

Loch Raven Raiders

1995-96 record: 7-7

Coach: Anthony Menegatti

Top wrestlers: Seung Yang, Sr., 130; Josh Phillips, Sr., 145; Phil Sharp, Sr., 160; Bernie Kim, Jr., 119; Josh Harless, Jr., 125; Shawn Brown, Jr., 152.

Outlook: The Raiders return no superstars, but have a balanced team of veterans. "We have some holes, but we're pretty solid through the middle of the lineup," said Menegatti.

Loyola Dons

1995-96 record: 10-4

Coach: Dennis Frazier

Top wrestlers: Keith Lilly, Sr., 140; Pat Brannan, Jr., 189; Greg Miller, Jr., 135; Rob Barnwell, So., 125; Chris Ackerman, So., 119; Corey Eck, So., 112.

Outlook: Lilly (fourth MIAAs, fourth states) won 28 bouts, Miller won 25, and Eck won 20. They are among seven returning starters to a young but experienced team.

McDonogh Eagles

1995-96 record: 11-3

Coach: Pete Welch

Top wrestlers: Phil Rosenbaum, Sr., 189; Joe Smith, Sr., 130; Pete Mitchell, Sr.; Will Filbert, Jr., 103; Pat Jacobs, Jr., 119; Matt Burns, Jr., 125; Andy Seal, So., 140-145; Joe Rosenbaum, So., 160-171; Tony Esposito, So., 145.

Outlook: Nine starters are back, but only four are consistent winners. Filbert (first MIAAs, first states) and Smith (second MIAAs, second states) are the best. Seal and Phil Rosenbaum each were fourth in both the MIAAs and states. The Eagles are a decent dual-meet team but won't be as good in tournaments unless others step up.

Milford Mill Millers

1995-96 record: 3-11

Coach: Tyrell Gordon

Top wrestlers: Greg Forbes, Sr., 189; John McQuay, Sr., 119; Jumoke Ajunku, Jr., 152; Daniel Miller, Jr., 140; Dezi Franklin, So., Outlook: County, region and state champ Forbes (26-1) returns, along with 26 wrestlers for a full team. Franklin brings solid junior-league experience.

Overlea Falcons

1995-96 record: 13-3

Coach: Bruce Malinowski

Top wrestlers: Terry Lawson, Jr., 171; Scott Leubben, Sr., Hwt.

Outlook: Lawson (27-8) was third in both the county and region, and Leubben, fifth in the county. After that, "it's like, if we hit .500, we'll be happy," Malinowski said.

Owings Mills Eagles

1995-96 record: 18-1

Coach: Guy Pritzker

Top wrestlers: Steve Kessler, Sr., 152-160; Ari Dolid, Sr., 140-145; Anthony Smith, Sr., Hwt., Haden Myers, Sr., 171-189; Nick Noelte, Sr., 140; Steve Kellner, Sr., 125; James Soliz, Jr., 160; Drew Bowers, So., 135; Justin Hansen, So., 130; Richie Frieman, So., 140; Ryan Pritzker, So., 119; Justin Rafael, So., 160; Ike Himowitz, So., 171.

Outlook: One state place-winner is ineligible, but plenty more -- including seven other state qualifiers -- return. Kessler (109-0 career) is looking to become the state's second four-time champion (the first to go a career undefeated). Dolid (32-4) was county and state runner-up and a region champ. Smith (34-4) was a county and region champ and fourth at states, Kellner (29-7) was a region champ and county runner-up, and Bowers was a county and region runner-up and fourth at states. Noelte was a region runner-up.

Parkville Knights

1995-96 record: 3-9

Coach: Joe Passalacqua

Top wrestlers: Hanibal Otey, Sr., 171; Brandon Pollock, Jr., Hwt.; Fred Jogereit, Jr., 112; David Heath, Jr., 119; Tim Myers, Jr., 135; Gary Burkhahrdt, So., 145.

Outlook: The Knights return six starters and should improve, Passalacqua said.

Patapsco Patriots

1995-96 record: 4-10

Coach: Dave Ingle

Top wrestlers: Jason Tyler, Sr., 145-160; Mark Lasek, Sr., 152; Andy Balius, Sr., 125; Nate Sater, Jr., 119; Bill Hook, So., Hwt.; Joe Bena, So., 171.

Outlook: The Patriots return six regional qualifiers, led by Lasek (24-9), who was third in the county and second in the region). Hook and Bena were JV county runners-up on a team that finished four points behind winner Owings Mills.

Perry Hall Gators

1995-96 record: 7-5

Coach: Bobby Kucharski

Top wrestlers: Nick Sidiropoulos, Sr., 135; Dwayne Joseph, Sr., 152; Matt Kucharski, Jr., 125; Brian Hanschulager, Jr., 189; Travis Franks, So., 152; Matt Fleischer, So., 130; Tim Kucharski, Fr., 103.

Outlook: Sidiropoulos (27-10) was county runner-up and third in the region, and has to be a leader on a youthful squad.

Pikesville Panthers

1995-96 record: 10-3

Coach: Joel Webber

Top wrestlers: Hale Shilling, Sr., 119-130; Jason Webber, Sr., 152-171; David Stysley, Sr., Hwt.; Steve Golob, Jr., 152-171; Nathan Rosenberg, Jr., 119-130; Jonathan Webber, Jr., 145-152; Keith Attman, Jr., 140; Andy Attman, Jr., 135.

Outlook: Golob (29-5) was a county and region runner-up, and Shilling (24-9) was third in the region. They're part of a solid

returning group that's bolstered by the Attman brothers, Keith (first JV counties) and Andy (second JV couties).

Randallstown Rams

1995-96 record: 1-11

Coach: Robert Cephas

Top wrestlers: Manny Robeson-El, Sr., 160; Dirrick Randall, Jr., 135.

Outlook: The first-year coach is working on fielding a full team with 15 wrestlers out, five of whom are freshmen, and is encouraged by the overall work ethic.

Sparrows Point Pointers

1995-96 record: 8-6

Coach: Bob Crandell

Top wrestlers: Mike Young, Sr., 130; Tommy Free, Sr., 125-130; Nate Dryden, Sr., 189; Matt Donahue, Sr., 135; Billy Weber, Jr., 112; Jason Plienis, Jr., Hwt.; Steve Loverde, So., 119.

Outlook: The Pointers return state place-winners Young (35-1, first in the county, regions and states), Free (36-2, winner of his third county and region crowns, fifth in states), and Weber (27-9, second at regions, fourth at states).

St. Paul's Crusaders

1995-96 record: 1-9

Coach: Desi McNelis

Top wrestlers: Mike Kernan, Sr., 171; Lee Reithlingshoefer, Sr., 145; J.R. Haas, Sr., 160; Keith Helman, Jr., 140; Denny Henderson, So., 130.

Outlook: State runner-up Kernan (third MIAAs) is the closest thing to a standout the Crusaders have. "We're solid from 119-to-160" and should improve, McNelis said.

Towson Generals

1995-96 record: 6-7

Coach: Glen Hyman

Top wrestlers: Jeff Paul, Sr., 171; Darron Mason, Jr., 160; John Narlis, So., 103.

Outlook: Narlis (fourth region), Mason (fourth region) and Paul (fourth county, fifth region) are the best in a roomful of "scrappers," said Hyman. "We have 40 kids out and some experience."

Woodlawn Warriors

1995-96 record: 3-11

Coach: Gregory Holmes

Top wrestlers: Andre Parker, Sr., 140; Santana Gordon, Sr., 135; David Lampkin, Sr., 160; Derek Newkirk, Jr., Hwt.; Nicholas Sweet, Jr., 189.

Outlook: Lampkin and Gordon are returning regional qualifiers, and Holmes is looking to them for leadership on a team that has 11 wrestlers.

Pub Date: 12/08/96

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