25 years agoThe Carroll County commissioners voted...


25 years ago

The Carroll County commissioners voted unanimously last week to double the minimum residential lot size in areas of the county outside of the comprehensive 30-year water and sewer plan. The zoning amendments, which affect about two-thirds of the county's total area, will change the minimum lot size from 20,000 to 40,000 square feet, or just less than an acre. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 13, 1971.

75 years ago

At the armory on Saturday evening, the closing night of the county exhibit, there will be shown the wonderful moving picture, "Alice in Hungerland." The picture was made by representatives of the Near East Relief organization last summer and depicts things as they exist in southeast Russia, Syria, Armenia and Palestine. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 2, 1921.

100 years ago

Messrs. N. I. Gorsuch and Son, of Westminster, have an order for 500 barrels of Passover flour for a large Jewish baker of Baltimore. Several rabbis of the city visited the mill on Monday and purified it by their process, and the manufacture of the flour began. A representative of the rabbis remained at the mill and branded each barrel of flour as it came from the packer. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 12, 1896.

Pub Date: 12/08/96

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