Programmer fired for putting images of kissing men in game


SAN FRANCISCO -- A rogue computer programmer was dismissed late last month after secretly coding thousands of copies of a store-bound computer game to create animated images of men kissing each other, the game's manufacturer said.

Jacques Servin, 33, was dismissed by Maxis Inc. after it was discovered that he had encrypted SimCopter, a new helicopter simulation game, with a command to generate images of men in swimsuits kissing each other at certain points during the game.

Many computer game programmers include small signature codes -- called "Easter eggs" -- that activate only under specific conditions.

Servin, who is a homosexual, said he had created the images for "a thrill" and to call attention to the lack of gay characters in the rapidly expanding market of personal computer games.

"There were already bimbos in these games," Servin said in an interview.

"It's just that they were scantily clad women."

Pub Date: 12/08/96

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